New York, NY

My trip to New York came at a perfect time.  I was fed up at work and losing steam at home. Even a few of my friends were starting to notice my anti-social behavior and were beginning to get worried. It was with a guilt-free heart I boarded the train at Union Station for 3-days away from kids, work, and the general life routine.

2013-10-11 09.41.28

NYC subway art

I arrived on Wednesday afternoon and after navigating the subway to my hotel in SoHo, I took a little rest before Crystal came over with some champagne and cheese.  We caught up and enjoyed the bubbly while I got ready for the Opera.  The Opera was just as it should be; hopelessly tragically romantic. I hadn’t been to Lincoln Center to see the Met in a long while (maybe 2002/3? when Royce was in med school doing a rotation at Bellevue) and their production of Eugenie Onegin did not disappoint. I didn’t mind at the least going by myself either. I noticed quite a few solo attendee’s at the intermissions.  After the opera I met Crystal and her friends out for drinks…and before you know it…3 AM rolled around and we were hungry so we headed back to my hotel and ordered some pizza.

2013-10-09 19.07.47

opera night

I blissfully slept in my dark tomb like room til well past 9 the next morning.  Crystal and I met up for breakfast at a cute little throw-back establishment called Peels in NoHo.  We lingered over coffee and biscuits while plotting out the rest of our lazy day that included a lot of meandering in the East Village and SoHo. I finally made it to Purl Soho, a well-known yarn shop which sells luscious yarn and fabrics.

2013-10-10 13.51.55

purl soho

Later that afternoon we wanted to sip champagne a top the Met (museum this time — not the opera) while taking in view of fall in Central Park, but sadly it was closed.  We found a quaint little french cafe though that served our champagne fix purpose before heading back for afternoon naps.  I met up with Crystal and her friends for a birthday party that evening at a fantastic Mexican restaurant, Pulqueria, which was in a tucked away corner in China town.  After dinner we all went to Apotheke (a ‘pharmacy’ bar — no shit) and then to a bar near where Crystal was staying. I have to say I had some fantastic cocktails during my stay but some of my favorites were the sips I had of my friends who ordered cucumber infused vodka concoctions.

2013-10-10 19.17.57

night on the town

Friday morning I was feeling a bit sluggish, but got up and out the door so that I could wander around Mood in the Garment District.  I wish I would have had some projects in mind during my visit because the amount of fabric there is entirely overwhelming. I just browsed though and bought a few things that I can use to make skirts or what not.  Next time I will be better prepared. There was a lot I missed in the garment district actually…little button stores, stores with nothing but zippers and ribbons…and I wish I would have put more thought into my trip by doing a little research before hand.  Next time I will be far better prepared.

2013-10-11 10.31.54

mood designer fabrics

And there will be a next time. I do think I may make this a yearly mecca for opera and fabric.  The 3-hour train up there is so easy; and when you are by yourself, its super relaxing to just sit and read or knit or stare out the window as the scenery passes.  Crystal was a fantastic friend to meet up with there as we sort of did our own thing without being overly dramatic about it.  I really needed the time away from things here — including my friends. I didn’t want to talk about my job or my kids and when you hang out with a bunch of single kid-less people guess what — they don’t ask about those things!  Temporarily, I forgot all about reality and just lived this microcosm NY life for a brief 3 days.  I already can’t wait til next year.

2013-10-11 08.46.51

view from my hotel window


  1. Glad you got a much-needed respite, and sorry you couldn’t take full advantage of the shopping opportunity! A yearly tradition sounds like a great idea!

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