Sticking with the chaos theme that’s been a bit persistent lately in our household all the rage now is about the government shutdown (and a ridiculous drug-safety issue that I’m dealing with but I can’t talk about that yet).  This shutdown nonsense thankfully hasn’t affected me per-say but the associated uncertainty, stupidity, and panic always takes its toll in indirect ways.  Since the center I work for is funded by pharmaceutical companies (it’s complicated, and not really as incestuous as it seems) the majority of us working on tasks directly associated with regulating and approving drugs were saved from furlough. Words such as ‘exempted’, and ‘excepted’ have been tossed  around in various emails and mean two different things even though they appear so similar in writing. I can never remember which I am, but I’m working, and will someday will get paid. This $$ of course that we are will running on will eventually out (click here if you want to know how all this funding works) — some say in the matter of weeks. Since we can’t accept new drug applications that require a fee without a fiscal year 2014 budget, if the shut down goes on much longer there will be a sparse amount of us at the agency but I still think I’m rather safe as I’m considered a ‘worker bee’. Funny how my middle management would be the first to get furloughed…says a lot about their usefulness in general if you ask me (and why I refuse to go for promotion). I do hope that the old selfish assholes in Washington eventually stop posturing and come to a deal so we can go on with business as usual.  

Meanwhile, at home things are status quo. I’m still getting up in the wee hours to get my work outs in and feel great. Amazing how much more energy you have when a regular exercise routine is incorporated into your life. I actually look forward to the 30-50 mins I get to MYSELF each AM. It is practically the only time all day where I get to be alone and am able to do something selfish for myself.

I’m gearing up for a solo trip to NYC Wednesday. My photographer friend Crystal will be up in NYC to shoot a wedding and will be there for a week.  When she sent me her dates it just happened that Royce’s schedule accommodated me being able to escape for 3 days.  Of course as luck has it, now I’ve been asked to cancel my leave because of the shutdown. My hotel, train and opera tickets were not cheap and are not refundable…not to mention I really need this time to spend with a friend, away from work and ‘the routine’. Once I booked the plans I haven’t stopped thinking of the trip so I nearly wept on Friday when I was told to cancel. My compromise was that I’d be willing to 1) work from NYC — at least I’d be able to enjoy my evenings or 2) take leave-without-pay during these 3 days if need be, but I under no circumstances was going to cancel. It is still irritating to have to even go through this “cancel” vs “don’t cancel” justification…has added unnecessary guilt, and frustration to what was supposed to be a simple vacation.

Let’s end with some good news. A Joann fabric has opened within 4 miles of me!  I’m trilled and I can’t believe I haven’t been there already to scour the offerings (the above paragraphs may explain why though). I do need to get moving on Halloween costumes for the kids so I’m hopeful maybe I can get there today.  Will make sewing and knitting soooo much easier to have a store so close to buy my goods! Now I just need to find the time to sew! I do plan to visit some great fabric shops during my time in NYC so maybe that will kick my creative side into high gear and inspire me to sew more of an evening. Lately I’ve been stuck in a “sit with a glass of wine listening to music while reading poetry and writing” phase which has been helpful to get my mind to work through a few work-intense emotionally draining months but now I’m ready to get back to being my usual shallower self.


  1. Yay for a close Joann’s!! I’m not all that keen on their fabrics, but it is very convenient for notions, interfacing, etc.

    • Ya. But sometimes you just need a place to buy crappy fleece for say…Halloween costumes. I have a ‘fancy’ store here where I can buy likely everything I’ll see at Mood in NYC but does not have a good selection of felt or fleece or other silly things needed for crafts. And the notions. Having a place to buy thread near by is nothing short of revolutionary.

      • True, I always get that sort of stuff there! Any idea where to find non-crappy fleece? I want to make the kids some vests for fall and is like to line them in fleece. But I won’t use the fleece from Joann’s or Hancock — that stuff pills like crazy!

        • I have no idea! My designer place actually does sell fleece but I’ve never bought any from them because I’ve never needed for it to be ‘good’. Maybe try minky? You know that stuff they use for changing pad table covers. It doesn’t pill and is soft/warm.

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