Ingrid “15 month” stats


Ingrid had her 15-month check up at 17-months…details details. Give us a break.

Since her 12-month visit she gained 1+ lbs  and now weighs in at 21.7 lbs (20%).  She grew two+ inches! and is now 32.25 inches tall (81%).  And her head grew another 1.5 cm (49 cm; 98%).  I won’t make comparisons to Syd’s 15-month stats since these are so delayed.  I was shocked to find she is only in the 20th percentile for weight because Ingrid can eat. I think it is her favorite thing to do next to, smile, cuddle and put things in containers.



We need to get her 18-month visit scheduled here soon.  I will update more on her development then!

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