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Ingrid turned 15-months in August.  August 12th to be exact.   I know, I’m a little late but there is a lot to update with her so I figured I’d just wrap it all up into a nice little 15-month post for ya!

And thankfully I did take the time to do this since I was reading Sydney’s 15-month post and realized she had a well doctor visit…which made confused so I went to my pediatricians webpage to see that – yup 15-months well child visit and hepatitis vaccines.  Oops.  Yet another reason I can’t have a 3rd kid…I can barely keep up with the two I have currently.

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Anyways, 15-months…Ingrid is a walking and talking little silly thing. She loves to laugh.  She is all smiles in the AM and will giggle at silly things or tickles.  She babbles all sorts of crazy stuff, sometimes loudly, sometimes a whisper (I LOVE the whisper babbles…seems so serious so secret).  She has a few ‘words’.  Her first word I noticed a few weeks ago when we were at the pool and she saw a ball, pointed to it and said: “baaah!”.  So now whenever she see’s a ball she is all “baah baah baah” non-stop and you can just see she is so proud of herself.  When we were in KC at the zoo (or at home with my mom’s cat) she would point to all the animals and say “Hiya!”. No idea what that means but when she see’s an animal that’s what she says…maybe her way of saying Hi?  Bye-bye is also part of her repertoire right now but comes  out more like Buh-Buh along with her silly little circular hand wave (that’s usually about 1 minute delayed).  She will say “mama” but its not in direction of me — sometimes its in the direction of her sippy cup (which I guess there could be worse things in life to be associated with).  I do think direct terms of endearment are coming soon, I can just see the gears going in her head.

2013-08-25 10.27.46-2

She can identify things in books…especially ones we read often.  She will point to bears, bunnies and dogs when asked.  She is also willingly using signs to ask for things now.  She really only uses ‘more’ though since what she is wanting is usually food and we use “more” a lot at the dinner table.  This weekend we went in after nap time a few times to see her signing “more”….so now I’m working a bit more on “hungry” and “eat” and “milk”.  She is getting better at using signs instead of yelling/grunting at the dinner table when she wants something.

2013-08-27 19.10.26-1

Reading over Syd’s 15-month update I’m not seeing the pins-and-needles temper in Ingrid that we went through (and honestly still have!) with Sydney.  In general she is a pretty happy kid. She is getting to the stage where she will cry if you take something away from her or if she can’t have something Sydney is playing with, but that is too be expected for this age group.  So far, she doesn’t cry or get frustrated with toys that don’t cooperate, and can be re-directed for the most part with no upset.

2013-08-29 19.05.04-1

Ingrid LOVES to eat. She is a healthy little eater and will try almost anything you put in front of her. Its hard to pick her favorites because she really does enjoy most everything you put in front of her. I have noticed she isn’t a big fan of Mexican food even if it’s deconstructed.  Considering tacos, fajita’s, and enchilada’s are some of my go-to things to switch up flavors around here, not to mention Mexican restaurants are the best places for eating out with kids…I hope she gets over her dislike soon.  I also introduced a spoon and fork to her recently and she is starting to understand but mostly still uses her hands because its faster. 🙂

2013-09-02 16.44.56-1

Very much like her sister, she loves to sit in your lap or on a stoop or step.  She just backs her hiney right up and sits on down. So silly.  She will also dance and light up with a big smile if you dance with her or sing.

2013-08-31 10.37.05


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