Why hello…

Good grief has it really been since July 14th since I posted last?

This summer kicked my ass.  Goes to show you that in comparison to last summer (home with newborn Ingrid) that:

  1. Money can really buy sanity (I had hired help last summer)
  2. It sucks being a full-time working mama
  3. #2 really sucks when you have a husband that got the short end of the summer holiday and work-hours schedule stick.

I felt like I spent the majority of the summer alone with the kids, going to parties alone, going to the pool alone, and generally just being alone.  The few nights Royce was here we rarely stayed in as I was so desperate to get out of the house we plans to do something or go somewhere.

And then there was the 2-weeks in Kansas City on “sabbatical” (in quotes because in order for the Fed to pay for my “sabbatical” I had to call it “training”) at Children’s Mercy Hospital.  I learned a lot, and the time home was fun, but it was kind of the apex of the summer chaos.  Even though I was there for 2-weeks (one of which I had no children in tow) I didn’t get to do the fabric shopping I wanted, or hit up the art museum that I wanted, or generally just do the relaxing/catching up with family/friends that I wanted.  It all seemed so rushed and short; the theme of my summer.

Leaving sucks. No easy way about it.

I’m usually pretty good about taking off days from work here or there to get things done for myself, but my work schedule has been filled with policy things I can’t turf onto others so I’ve felt accountable and necessary.  There were many days where I felt torn between needing to stay at work longer but having to leave because I had to go pick up the kids.

Now that I’m back from KC, and survived yet another week where I was on-my-own for 5 out of 7 nights…I’m eagerly looking forward to September which thankfully, dear Royce got scheduled in mostly day shifts.  I feel like I need to re-introduce myself to Royce who I’ve been passing like a stranger in the night since June.  And I need to get into a regular running and/or otherwise fitness routine before I go bizerk.

I always welcome fall and winter as it seems the general rhythms of these seasons instill a slower, cozy, more nurturing routine.


  1. I often wonder what happened to my lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer too. Seems the only relaxing summers I’ve had in adulthood are the ones when I was on maternity leave! Hope fall slows down for you and glad you made it home safely.

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