New stages

photo by Crystal Liepa Photography

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Sydney…she turned 3 and-a-half on May 21st.  She is growing and learning each day. Some of the conversations I have with her surprise me. And her behavior has also matured as well.  She moved up into the preschool unit at day-care this June and has been loving her new room and new routines. They take more field trips, do more fun stuff and I think it was a needed move from her toddler room.

We also recently moved her into a ‘big girl bed’.

2013-06-21 14.26.49

big girl bed!

Royce picked up the beds the week we were off work for our Crystal & Dain ‘staycation’ and that Friday we dismantled her crib/toddler bed, put the twin bed together and acquired a mattress, duvet, sheets etc.  When we got home that night from the pool Sydney was ecstatic!

2013-06-21 19.26.45-1

She has only fallen out of it once to my knowledge. We put a pillow on the side and tuck it in with the comforter. She seems to love it and I’ll tell you it’s pretty fun on the lazy weekend mornings to just crawl in bed with my girls and read books, tickle or just snuggle. Eventually this bed will be bunked with her sisters which is currently being stored in the attic…someday…

photo by Crystal Liepa Photography

This past week Syd gave up her paci.  It was just that simple.  She decided one day she didn’t need it for nap time and so she didn’t use it (she doesn’t use one at school at nap time) and then that night although she went to bed with one she ‘lost it’ in the middle of the night. She woke up crying and wanted me to find it, but I didn’t even look. Instead I just tucked her back in, gave her puppy and told her she was a big girl and didn’t need that paci anymore.  I stayed with her for a little bit since she looked upset, but left before she fell back asleep.  You could tell she was torn with the transition.  She wanted it so badly, her lower lip just shook and pouted as she held back tears. But the thing is… the next day at nap time she didn’t ask for it, and neither did she that night. Eventually she located the ‘lost paci’ under her bed and she put it in Ingrid’s crib because she didn’t need it anymore.  And that is that!  Goes to tell you my (selfish) gut of just “let her part with it when she wants to” was right, no matter what any dentist or pediatrician or other mothers told me.

photo by Crystal Liepa Photography

The last big development is no more diapers!!  Although Syd has been potty trained for a few months now, she still wore a pull up at night. I had learned from my girlfriends in the neighborhood with older girls to not push night-time potty training as it can easily backfire (and then you have a kindergartner still wetting the bed — UGH). So we didn’t push it. I for one, being the selfish mother that I was (heck I’m finally getting a full night sleep after a year of sleep deprivation!!), didn’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night for any reason, much less bed wetting, so I was A’OK with the night-time pull-ups routine. We always made it clear to Syndey that if she kept her pull-ups dry she could go to bed in underwear. And then it just happened!  Each morning she would tell us she kept her pull-up dry and reminded us ‘how many’ she had done buy showing us her fingers.  We got to “this many” (hold up 10 fingers) and then she got to wear underwear. Easy Peasy.  I can only hope Ingrid can be this easy…well without all that poop drama/trauma OK? So far, no accidents. I know one will happen eventually… but its better than trying to ‘train’ a kid to not wet the bed in their sleep.

2013-05-31 21.34.27

poolside popsicle

She generally just seems so much more mature. She is more patient with her sister, knows that if she wants to play with something without Ingrid bothering her that she needs to go to her room or move to the table. She shares her toys effortlessly at the pool and with her friends. She participates and listens in dance class. I’ve even been able to send her home (or leave her at parties) with friends while I go home and put Ingrid down for a nap or to bed…which makes navigating this solo-parenting gig I have a lot of the time so much easier.  We’ve even started reading big kid books! I brought home Little House in the Big Woods the other day from the library to see if she would be interested in a chapter book…and each night she requests the ‘little girl farm story’.

Such a fun age, and stage. But all parents deserve a breather after a while don’t we?

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