There are days.  
That blow  me away.
Wring me out.
Drip Dry.

7 AM
practice or perish
meetings, meetings, meetings
ill thought policy; change your ways! No no no.

argue exploratory analyses.
not everything in life can be pre-specified.
F-you statistics.

a numb convoluted conversation,
hold back tears,
accusations hurt,

meetings, meetings, meetings

5 PM – Caller ID – Daycare
in meeting, can’t answer.

Ingrid screams
103 fever
Ingrid screams

a beautiful friend delivers us supper.
dish it out one-handed,
clean it up one-handed,
prepare for the next day;

Ingrid screams.

A day of holding my breath.

Trying to find my center;




  1. If you’ve been driven to writing poetry, it must have been a REALLY bad day. Hope tomorrow is better and that Ingrid is well soon.

    • NS. I couldn’t figure out a way to vent in paragraph form without using too many curse words or divulging trade secrets. 😉 This is how I journal actually….

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