Ingrid started to stand independently around late April and I knew walking wasn’t far behind.

2013-05-22 17.53.38

workin’ those chunky thighs…

She did pretty good getting around with push toys for a very long time…more adept than Syd actually who would get super frustrated once she pushed herself into a corner.  Ingrid would just walk to the other side of the toy and push her self out of her corner; no fuss necessary.  It has been interesting to observe her little brain figure this all out on her own.

2013-05-22 17.52.37

It’s OK I just walk to this side of my toy…

The weekend of memorial day she started taking some independent steps. One, two, three — fall into our arms…super cute and she was so proud.  From there, things just took off! Each day she got better and better and now I kinda have to do a double-take when I see her walk around the corner. She will still drop and crawl if she thinks that will get her to her desired destination faster, but she will at least walk part of the way.

2013-05-28 18.21.05, originally uploaded by jmbullock23.

The video was taken the Tuesday after Memorial day weekend when she could finally get up and take a few steps independently.  She was so proud.  Love that she has to make little sounds when she walks…it’s her signature style.  And she will often clap for herself too.  Kids.  They slay me with their cuteness.


  1. Yay Ingrid! I love chunky baby thighs 🙂

    (BTW, how do you imbed the video? Did you get VideoPress, or whatever they call it? I’ve never been able to figure out how to do it without paying for some sort of upgrade).

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