Ingrid is 1-year old!  We’ve gone from this:


to this:


E-gads.  Amazing how much can change in one year.  This past month Ingrid did great.  We finally had a month that wasn’t entirely sponsored by Baby Advil and Tylenol! Hooray!

She is still our sweet happy little thing.  Not much really sets her off (if she is feeling well).  She can fall down or get frustrated with a toy, and still maintain her composure (this is much different from Syd). She also isn’t much for the separation anxiety hysteria that usually sets in around this time. Granted, it could come later, but for the most part when I leave her with a baby-sitter or drop her off at school she is perfectly content.


She started standing up independently this month! She loves to just stand and wave her toys around to get our attention.  She is still pretty wobbly, but each day gets more secure on those two chubby legs.  With the help of a push-toy she is also getting really good at walking and just seems so proud of herself when she does it. She isn’t as busy as Sydney was who seemed to be constant motion all the time, but she is wiggly…changing her is…exhausting.  She is also a wicked fast crawler; it’s funny to hear how fast she can move on the hard wood floors. It’s even fun to watch because she puts her head down and just crawls like heck.


A new tooth appeared this month too; one of her front teeth poked through last week and I think she is working on the other one.

Ingrid does a great job at self play but always loves playing with and watching Sydney too.  She will contently take items and put them in baskets/bags or bang things together. She loves exploring everything in Sydney’s kitchen and can already open and shut the doors with dexterity.  In general she does a great job of problem solving without getting frustrated which is…refreshing.


Her talking is hit or miss. She really babbles up a storm in the car for some reason.  She has gone from repeating one sound to more of a babble.  She occasionally will repeat sounds we make but that’s hit-or-miss. Still no da-da’s or ma-ma’s directed at us meaningfully.  We haven’t been as vigilant with the sign-language with her, but she seems to grasp some of it a bit or at least will mimic our movements.

I’m glad to report her sleeping has improved greatly since she has been less sick these past few months. She goes down around 7:30 and can sleep til 6/6:30.  She will even play a bit (throw all her toys out of her crib) in the mornings before requiring intervention from us!  I’m looking forward to catching up on some much-needed sleep!

I am still breastfeeding her in the mornings and before bed.  She will be transitioned soon from breast-milk to whole milk during the days at school once the frozen milk supply runs out.  Her solid intake has gotten more varied as well and she can eat mostly anything now that doesn’t involve a lot of chewing (steak, pork chops).  Her preference is fruits and veggies though; not much of a meat eater!  She loves peaches, pears, berries, grapes and peas — adores peas.


There is no denying it, Ingrid is a thumb-sucker. Syd was always a paci girl so this is new to us.  The minute someone picks her up her thumb goes straight in her mouth and at bedtime its the first thing she does when I lay her down.  She loves to crawl in my lap, lay her head on my chest and suck her thumb which makes me melt a bit inside each time.

Her 12-month well-check is next week and I’ll update this post with her stats then!

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