Darling Ranges

I finished my Darling Ranges dress a few weekends ago. Just in time to don it for a baby shower I was hosting!


Even though it was a pain-in-the-ass to get to fit right, it really has nothing to do with the pattern and more to do with the fact that I have clown boobs (hate), and a waist (like) which makes fitting patterns…a challenge.  I will leave it at that. I used Robert Kaufman’s Yarn-Dyed Essex Linen in Black and it was a dream to work with and wears really nicely as well.  The fit ended up being adequate (which is between great and bad on the scale of things). I honestly kinda got tired of screwing with it to make it right (and fitting yourself is very very hard!).  There comes a time when you just want to get ‘er done. It’s a tidge too snug at the bust, but that may work  itself out as my boobies shrink (ahem shrivel) from breastfeeding.  The armpits are also a bit tight but this is a problem I have with ready-to-wear garments as well.  I haven’t figured out how to solve that problem with hand-made garments yet.


I ended up using pearl snaps as the closure mostly because I felt they would give it more staying power and would pull and gape less at the bust than a button would.  I made the hem a little shorter than I normally would since I didn’t think going into the project that this would be something I would wear to the office.  I also omitted the back ties and put in two darts to shape the back because I’m not a tie kinda gal.


Overall I’m happy with the garment and I can see myself wearing it to girl friend gatherings, date nights and maybe a few summer BBQ’s. Although the majority of the people I work with would care less if I wore this to the office, it isn’t something I would feel would be work appropriate because it would hamper my serious buttoned up style since a part of nearly every work day I sit across the table from a bunch of Pharmaceutical Company big wigs wearing tailored black suits while I tell them they are doing things wrong. Not to mention I would freeze to death in my Antarctic office!

I do not know when I will be calm enough to attempt making myself something this fitted again. I have a few skirts in mind and some blouses, none of which I suspect will have quite the fit issues I had with Darling Ranges due to styling. Hopefully I can get get motivated to make something again soon!


  1. It looks great! But I can see that it’s too tight in the armscye. That’s not an adjustment that I have to make but it seems to be a fairly common one. I wear my black chambray Darling Ranges to work all the time. But then I rarely end up in front of big pharma execs 🙂

    • Thanks! Ya I read a few blogs on altering the armscye but none of it made any sense so I just kinda gave up. Tight armpits drive me bonkers so I hope I can figure out how to modify this in future patterns!

    • I need to just make a bodice sloper or a block so that I can alter patterns more easily…. I hope to get the list of measurements I need so that my mom can measure me up when I’m home in August!


  1. […] Darling Ranges dress.  I did some different adjustments to this one and it fits much better than my last one. I may drop the neck line a bit, but for the most part this dress makes me happy and is super […]

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