Simple sewing


I’ve been screwing with a bodice for a dress for myself since Friday to no avail, so Saturday I needed to make something with my time so I whipped up a dress for Syd.


The fabric is just a cotton out of my stash here, something I tossed in my on-line cart a while back because it was purple (“my favrit color” according to Syd).  The fabric is a bit bold so it works well with the Roller Skate Dress. Since I was familiar with the construction from the Easter Dresses this went together in no time.  In anticipation of this dress lasting through the muggy Maryland summer I didn’t fully line the skirt, and instead hacked off the bodice lining under the casing stitches with my pinking shears.  Yes I was so lazy I didn’t even bother to turn in the raw edge.  Syd won’t notice; neither will anyone else unless they turn her dress inside out.


I think I’m finally getting somewhere with my bodice though. After endless reading on full bust adjustments (FBA), dart manipulation, armsyce’s, and patter slashing…I’ve taken the bodice from the Darling Ranges dress and altered it to fit someone with boobs.  I ended up taking the bodice from another dress out of Gertie’s book (she caters to us curvy girls) to get the dart placement and bust area correct.  Then I used that pattern and overlayed it with the Darling Ranges pattern and combined the two. Pain in the ass? You bet!  And the thing is I’m not even sure I like the Darling Ranges style…I’m only making it because 1) I thought it would be an easy ‘starter’ dress for myself (hahahahaha) and 2) it seems all the ready-to-wear dresses this summer have this bodice/skirt styling.  I figure I can belt it to make it a bit less feminine.  We will see. I have on order some black/grey linen for it so maybe the darker color will lure me in.  I’ve also heard this dress is comfortable as heck so maybe comfort will win over my fear of frill.


  1. Very cute! I try to sew for N in purple as much as I can also since it’s the only color I know for sure she’ll wear (yet my stash is sadly lacking in purple fabric).

    I think you could like DR if you let yourself! It is uber comfy and versatile, and lends itself to so many different outfits just by how you style it. My sleeveless black chambray one is among my most versatile items. I feel equally comfortable wearing it at the office or chasing the kids around on the weekend. And a little femininity never hurt anyone, you know 🙂

    • Ya ya I know I know but I feel like such an elephant in a tutu in some dresses that are more feminine than business like. Trying to branch out. Baby steps… I really like DR on other bloggers so I wouldn’t make it if I thought it was an ugly dress; just not sure its ‘me’!

      • Hopefully a well-fitted bodice will reduce the “elephant in a tutu” feeling you get from some dresses. I work in such a male-dominated field that I tend to flaunt my femininity at the office — full skirts, little cardigans, fun prints, etc. But I don’t do heels anymore — pregnancy killed heels for me!


  1. […] though it was a pain-in-the-ass to get to fit right, it really has nothing to do with the pattern and more to do with the fact that I have clown boobs […]

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