Gah where has time gone? I can’t believe in < 30 days I’ll be saying Ingrid is 1-year old.

2013-04-13 16.52.08

Month 11 was a good one. Only faint days of sickness, only one day home from school, and for the most part a fairly happy kid. Teething has a way to throw kinks into any happy child, and although we still only have 2 teeth to show for the screaming, me thinks she is working on a few more that will show themselves soon.

2013-04-09 07.29.01

Ingrid got much better at eating this month. She shovels anything and everything in. She is good at eating vegetables and loves peas, green beans, and broccoli. Fruit cocktail, peaches and pears is hands down her favorite thing in the world. It’s funny to watch her grab large handfuls of the slippery chunks as she tries to get all the pieces in her mouth. And like all kids she loves spaghetti; since both kids eat that well we probably have it once a week (yawn). She is mostly on non pureed self-feeding solids now. She will still suck down a pouch (yes at this point she will hold them herself and suck the food out – how easy is that?) or two a night of stage 2 baby food but that will soon come to an end because I’m tired of storing them (unless she is still behind on her growth statistics in which cause I’ll store whatever will fatten her up). She is still in 6-9 month clothes and I’m really really sick of them.  Looking forward to getting her into some new 9-month stuff soon even though she is nearly 12-months old!

One of Ingrid’s quirks is her ‘talking’ when she eats. She makes these “nom, nom, nom” noises like she is trying to tell us how much she likes what she is eating. She only makes them if she seemingly is ‘enjoying’ her meal, and even daycare gets a kick out of her little singing while eating habit.  I caught her on video the other day if you want to check out a long clip with some messy eating. She also does the same ‘dizzy dizzy’ stuff her sister did, which this video also captures briefly at the beginning.

2013-03-30 16.18.57

We are working on signing with her like we did with her sister. She loves to imitate what we are doing but I’m not sure she understands what it all means yet.  Someday, slowly she will.  She is also successfully taking water from a sippy! This was way easier than it was with Sydney. Then again Ingrid didn’t go on a bottle strike either and throw the entire ‘what will she take milk out of?!!?’ panic that Syd put us through.  She is still breastfeeding but I’ll start to wean her soon.  I would like to just get down to an AM and a night-time feed so that I can stop pumping at work.  We will see…my supply in the freezer is dwindling so that always gives me pause each time I consider leaving the pump at home. Either way the time is near and I’ll be free at last soon! Very soon! Yay!!!

2013-04-07 08.49.06

Ingrid isn’t walking yet without assistance but I feel like it will happen soon.  This is strange since I look back at Syds photos from this time and she was already a pro at walking!  Towards the end of the month Ingrid started getting a little more confident and will let go of objects she is holding onto when standing. She is still pretty wobbly but I think free-standing will happen any day now.  She can walk with the assistance of a push toy which we discovered this weekend and captured here and here (I just couldn’t choose which video was cuter so you get two…).

2013-04-03 07.21.48

Even though she isn’t walking she gets around pretty good with crawling. She is wicked fast. I’ve caught myself running across the kitchen so I can close the stair gate more times than I care to admit. Sydney was never this curious…Ingrid is always into something, exploring something, eating something she shouldn’t be eating, attempting to reach something she shouldn’t get.  She keeps us on our toes.

2013-04-07 11.50.51

Thankfully the weather has been getting nicer so we have been able to spend a lot of time outside.  Between the deck and the front yard we are out as often as we can be.  Much of my afternoon is spent on that polkda-dot blanket with the girls, reading, eating, soaking up the sun and heckling the neighbors.

All and all it was a good month (finally). We had some rough nights alone since I’m starting to ‘wean’ myself off babysitters too.  Now that Ingrid isn’t feeding at 6 PM there is really no excuse (other than my own selfishness) to have help at night when Royce is working.  On a good night the girls do a decent job playing together while I get supper ready and do the bottle washing/making and breakfast prep routine. There are some nights when both kids are at their worst when I wonder how I survive and two thoughts help me get through 1) I’m not pregnant and 2) each bad night is one less bad night I have ahead of me.  Soon I’ll be done with bottles and teething and weekly colds and cry-unless-you-hold-me and getting woken up in the middle of the night; and knowing that this is the last time I have to deal with these stages is all the peace I need.


  1. How has it already been a year?? It’s crazy to me to think that in 30 days we’ll be celebrating a 4th and 2nd birthday. I once heard someone say that the days are long but the years are short. How true that is. Glad to hear you’re all doing well!

    N was slower to walk than J also. He was proficient at 10.5 months and she walked right at 12. She’s talking WAY earlier though!

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