Easter 2013

It was a very cold and dreary Easter Sunday here this year.  Considering how beautiful it was on Saturday…


…it’s kind of a shame we didn’t get a repeat on Sunday.

We opened Easter baskets and presents Sunday morning.


Easter is turning into a mini-Christmas…which is fine by me…I would rather give a toy than excessive amounts of candy.


It’s always fun to give the kids new things to play with too to change things up a bit. It also gives the grandparents an excuse to spoil their grand-kids.


There rest of our morning was pretty uneventful. I sewed while Royce spent some time with Sydney. After Ingrid woke up from her morning nap we took pictures of the girls in their new dresses. They sure would have been soooo much cuter if we didn’t have to put tights and long-sleeved shirts on underneath. Alas it was only 40 degree’s out…grumble grumble where is SPRING???


Then like we have in years past, my friend Ashley invited us over for Easter lunch.  Although this year instead of two tired pregnant woman we had 3 new babes to celebrate with!  All those children brought the chaos level up a notch, and I think both of us are looking forward to years when the kids are older and we can send them outside (if it’s warm) while the adults actually get to enjoy eating Easter lunch for once.


After lunch, we had waited long enough for the rain to subside and we had a very wet Easter Egg hunt for Stella Jane and Syd.


Next year those girls will have to duke it out for eggs once Peter, Elliot and Ingrid are more mobile.  For more of our Easter Day fun see the photos on Flickr.


  1. Our weekend weather was exactly reversed — cold and crappy on Saturday and sunny and warm on Easter Sunday. Glad you guys still had fun!

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