Briar, I’ll alter you to make you work

I had high expectations for this pattern. My friend Katie loves it and so does the rest of the sewing community. So I set forth with excitement to try out Megan Nielsen’s new Briar top pattern. Based on my measurements I cut a medium and it fits my shoulders perfectly but the fit of the rest of the shirt is just, well, blah.

I own a couple of high-low cut tops but they are longer in the front which allows you to wear them with leggings. Briar (to me) can really only be worn with jeans or skinny jeans. I don’t know how I can incorporate this into my summer wardrobe with the back of it being as long as it is.


Since the back of this is so low it hides one bee-hind which, although not my favorite asset (pun intended), is still an asset, and I feel that covering it up doesn’t do me much justice.

Also, I could go on and on about features that I do not like about my body, but I do have a waist, and a flat tummy so I’m particular in avoiding clothes that tend to gloss over highlighting these features. I figure there will be plenty of time in years to come (when hormones and time get the best of me) for me to hide behind shapeless t-shirts. But since I’m not there yet, I would prefer to flaunt what I have.

I’m determined to salvage this top though (how about them matching side stripes huh???) I’m going to try to bring it in on the sides and use the length of my Angel Top to bring up the bottom hem a bit so that the back curve hits a bit more reasonably like this RTW top I love.


stay tuned. I’ll write about the general construction and sewing of the top when I have a finished product but the jury is still out on sewing with knits. Currently, I find it more of a headache than it’s worth!


  1. Sorry Briar isn’t working for you! (Though I actually like how it looks on you). I agree that Briar is not a too mid wear with leggings, not that I ever wear leggings anyway. Renfrew might be more your speed, and I know people who love the Birgitte Top by Maria Denmark. I have that one printed out, but never got around to putting the PDF pieces together.

    • Its not bad, I’ve definitely made things that looked/fit worse! It just hangs shapelessly from my boobs which is hard to get a picture of b/c I have to turn sideways which pulls the fabric and gives it an appearance of ‘shape’. I ended up grading it in to a XS at the waist it already fits better; but I chopped off too much of the front hem when I was adjusting the back hem (lopped off a good 3-4 inches) though and now it’s too short in front. SO this muslin may be turned into the cropped version for Pilates/yoga class! LOL Good thing this fabric was from the remnant pile! Either way it’s nice to have a pattern for a knit top with a good neckline and sleeves (which this has). I can fiddle with the rest of the fit and hem variations with pattern grading but I really have NO clue how to draft my own armholes/sleeves for shirts (nor do I care to spend the time to learn at this point). I’ll have to make a up a Renfrew to see how it compares and will also check out the Birgitte Top too!

      • Well you are definitely more well-endowed than I am — I’m sure that makes a difference! Be prepared for some grading on Renfrew, but I think the general shape may be more what you’re looking for.


  1. […] else the extra fabric around my middle isn’t as unflattering as it was when I made my Briar. The extra fabric tucks nicely which is how I usually wear most of my shirts anyway. Overall I […]

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