Date night with Syd

The downfall of being the parent that is always around is that I fall into ‘keeping house together mode’ and ‘disciplinarian mode’ more often than ‘fun mode’…and this takes its toll on the relationship between me and the kids.  When describing some of Syd’s more recent behavioral challenges Our Parents as Teachers home visitor asked me how often I praise Syd for just being Syd and how often I do things just the two of us. The reality was; not much. I rarely spend 1:1 time with her because Ingrid is always around or tethered to me in some way. And I praise her for doing, listening, and for being good….but am not a fawner, lover, gushy giver of unsolicited affectionate mush. It’s just not my style.

But as I’m learning motherhood is all about pushing your boundaries, so this serious frowner has been working on giving more hugs and kisses and general gooey love towards a certain 3-year old in the house.

This weekend Royce worked the evening shifts so instead of hanging out with my hired help and the two girls (or going off to run errands on my own) on Saturday night I decided Syd and I would have an official date-night. I talked it up; we were going to leave Ingrid with the babysitter because she was a baby and the big girls were going to go out.

I gave her some choices on where she wanted to go and she decided she wanted to go see dinosaurs so we headed to the American Museum of Natural History to look for all the big and little dinosaurs. There were a ton of people there (spring break tourists??) but Syd did great; held my hand and pointed out all the dinos she knew…which was an impressive amount I must say. We didn’t stay long; 45 mins is a decent amount of time for that much walking for a 3-year old. We stopped at the gift shop on the way out to let her pick out something for herself and Ingrid. She did a great job of making her decision and chose this ridiculous squishy plastic T-Rex which got us a lot of chuckles from passers-by as we walked through downtown DC back to the car.



After the museum we went out to supper. I gave her a few choices and she chose meatballs so we headed to my favorite small family owned Italian place. They didn’t have any tables available so we sat at the bar with our new friends.


supper with our new friends

We had a great time chatting about our day and sharing our meatballs and chocolate tartufo. I thoroughly enjoyed my evening with her….no whining, no tantrums, no tears… just my silly smart Sydney.


  1. Such fun! Albert and I always talk about doing date nights with the kids. Need to make it happen before it becomes way more difficult in the fall!

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