10 months

Another month has gone and Ingrid keeps doing new things all the time.  She started pulling up quite a bit this month, and can pull up and sit back down with ease.  No cruising yet, she kind of stares at her feet in confusion when they seem to not be in the place she desires them.  Silly girl. She is a curious little thing and loves to destroy whatever she can get her hands on.


this is a strange fabric scrap filled toy you made me mama.

I was hoping this month would be a sick-free month of smiles and giggles but we had yet another ear infection spoil those plans.  The infection must have cleared up despite our stopping the antibiotic.  Although that was the only fever inducing illness she had she currently has a cold so we (OK mostly me) are still suffering through midnight awakenings.  I’m starting to wonder if I’m ever going to get sleep.


home sick and listening to Mama’s workshop online.

This month marked the end of the baby bath tub!!!  So excited to be able to discontinue another piece of plastic crap out of my house!  Bath time is much fun with the two of them in there and super easy.  It’s sometimes the only quiet I get all night.


taking a big girl bath with sister.

Her solid food eating has gotten better, but it’s not fantastic.  She is much pickier than Sydney was, but I think most of her issues are texture related.  She slams broccoli but spits out pasta.  Who knows.



We are still breastfeeding.  Her feedings are more frequent than I like them to be at this stage in the game but I can’t seem to get her to either drop one or take more at each feeding so we are at a 5 feeds per day (well 6 if you count 3 AM Ugh) stand still.

She has been super consistently fussy at night around dinner time which isn’t fun.  I do not enjoy the screaming-while-you-try-to-figure-out-what-I-want stage at all.

OK enough complaining.  Month 10 was hard.  Hope springs eternal that Month 11 will be better!

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