Some more Geraniums


Ingrid’s new dress!

I finished up this Geranium dress for Ingrid yesterday. Had been fiddling with that piping for too long and could never get it perfect at the back seam.


thrifted buttons and piping

This was my first attempt at rounded piping.  I had done some flat piping for Syd’s 2nd birthday dress, which was FAR easier and less fiddly. The store-bought stuff is super fussy, mostly because it doesn’t play nice with 0.5 in seaming.  Next time I’ll just make my own so I can line everything up with the fabric edge.  Hopefully she will move enough that no one will notice that the piping isn’t perfect   The fabric is Enchanted Forest in Baby Blue by Alexander Henry.


see! when she crawls she is a total blur.

I put it on her today in an attempt to heighten her (and my) mood.  Poor thing has been so crabby for so long I do not remember where my smiley girl went.  Back-to-back ear infections bring down everyone so it seems.  In a desperate dual attempt for happy-baby I also stopped giving her the Augmentin (antibiotic) that she was put on Thursday.  It was tearing her GI system up.  She would scream for hours post-dose.  I don’t care if I’m creating antibiotic resistant bugs, I couldn’t go through it anymore.


a rare smile

I feel like she has been sick since the bout of RSV in January.  Hopefully spring time will turn things around, but I’m kind of hoping she has another infection soon so that she can meet the ‘guidelines’ for ear tubes.  They worked such wonders for her sister. I’m afraid if she doesn’t meet the guidelines this winter we will be suffering through more infections next winter.  Would like to just cut to the chase, seems we have some hereditary tympanic structure dysfunction and daycare isn’t helping by providing a constant source of infection either.

Anywhoo back to sewing…I also made another Geranium dress recently for Sydney.


Syd’s “princess dress”

The fabric is insanely busy (Castles in the Sky in pink by Michael Miller) but my-oh-my she loves her ‘princess dress’. She wears it at least once a week and asks often to wear it when she gets home from school.  I’ve learned to love the fabric. The dress of course is super cute on her and is really comfortable for her to jump and move and do all that 3-year olds need to do.  I used some flat piping between the bodice and skirt to break things up a bit.  In hindsight I wish I would have used a solid fabric for the contrast trim and bodice lining. Would have taken the seizure inducing potential down a notch.


Its got pink, purple, castles, rainbows and unicorns. What else would a girl want?

I found some vintage sheets at the thrift store the other weekend and may make one more out of this pattern for Syd and Ingrid.  I’m waiting for the new Oliver and S pattern to be released to make Easter dresses for the girls out of the other vintage sheet I picked up.


  1. Darling dresses, as usual! I’m really hoping to have enough energy to make Easter outfits for the kids, but I’m not holding my breath :/. Here’s hoping Ingrid makes the guidelines this winter — I remember how much the tubes benefitted Sydney.

    • I’m hoping that O&S pattern is super easy cause if it isn’t I’m screwed. LOL
      I at least got Royce to agree that if she doesn’t have another infection this year we will get tubes put in ASAP next winter after her FIRST (not third) infection. Stay tuned…

  2. I just cleaned up my sewing table and dusted the sewing machine. I plan to make some skirts for my daughter this weekend. No where as lovely as this dress but it’s a good start

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