Math, sewing & knits

Syd has a skirt from Lands End that is one of her favorites. Its knit, its twirly, and its comfortable.  Of course Lands End doesn’t make that skirt anymore, but it is simple enough that I could!

I used this tutorial to create the yoga waist band and using the help from this blog for a circle skirt, I did my math.

My Sunday nights are so exciting.

A few hours later; Violia! A twirly skirt for a happy little girl.

Result of last nights math; a twirly skirt!

I had to overcome my dislike of sewing with knits to get this done of course. I took it really slow on the curved hem, used my double needle, increased my stitch length and used my walking foot. The result was perfection. I was so overjoyed with confidence I finally decided to attempt an Angel top.  Since I needed to draft a pattern and had a few changes in mind, most notably the curved hem, I decided to make a muslin out of some grey knit I had in my stash that I picked up from the sale pile at G-Street for this exact purpose.

A new shirt made by me! Out of knit! Gasp!

Don’t you love it when you make a wearable muslin?

ya me too.

Once I get a replacement double needle I’ll be pushing out some more twirly skirts and make myself another Angel top out of a prettier print.


  1. I love knits. They’re so comfy and very forgiving. Great results!

  2. And kids say “math/geometry is not important in school. I’ll never use this in real life.” I guess so only to those with no ambition to be creative. Hmmm. And where did you learn how to make “muslin” dummies? lol

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