Sweet Ingrid turns 9 months old today! This has been a hard month overshadowed by a lot of sickness.  I think we have had more sick days than well days these past 4-weeks.  A common side effect of illness is poor sleep so I have been sleep deprived for a good portion of this month. Boy howdy when you are used to 8-hours of sleep — to have it taken away like that night after night and still be expected to perform at work and maintain some semblance of motherly goodness during the evenings — it’s hard. Really hard.  I’m ready for spring, but have a sinking feeling there is still a lot of germs that can invade between now and then…

2013-02-08 07.43.48.jpg

home sick and helping mama with laundry

Even with being sick, Ingrid still learns and changes each day.  The biggest accomplishment this month was mastering crawling!  She is pretty swift now and varies between a standard crawl and an army crawl. Her little knees have been super red each night at bath time so I know she is keeping those day-care takers on their toes! Unlike Sydney who seemed to crawl backward for a long time before ever finding forward motion, Ingrid went straight into a forward crawl. She is a very observant deliberate child I’m starting to find out. It took her a while to get her belly up off the ground, but once that occurred she had the crawling coordination down. Sydney did ‘the plank’ position for at least a week, if not longer, before ever finding the coordination to move forward. So interesting to see how different their minds work!

Ingrid is still doing a good job of eating. Her bout of RSV kept us from feeding her puffs and her mum-mum’s (teething rice crackers) because she kept choking on them. Ingrid has a very easily triggered gag reflex so there was a lot of vomit during her week o’ RSV. Fun times indeed. Sigh.

2013-02-03 13.55.22.jpg

What? there is something on my chin you say?

When she is happy she is quite happy, but when she is cranky there is little other than me that she desires. The evenings have been taxing. In between supper, bottle-making, breakfast-making, and getting ready for the next day I’m typically serenaded by Ingrid’s yells (even when I have hired help to help entertain her). All she wants is Mama. And when I leave the room she get pissed — especially when she is hungry. She knows I’m the milk lady and she keeps me on a very short leash.

2013-01-28 12.43.03.jpg

I spy 2 teeth!

Still only has 2-teeth but seems to be working on more each and every day.

2013-02-03 14.24.11.jpg

caught red-handed.

Now that she is mobile she is interested and in everything that she shouldn’t get into, including Syd’s toys. We are slowly working with Syd on ‘sharing’ with her sister which hasn’t been an issue since before now Sydney could share on her own terms, but now that Ingrid can steal things are a bit different! I’ll give Syd some credit though — Ingrid is persistent, and fast. It’s nearly impossible to keep anything away from her and even I find it a bit annoying when there are a gazillion Ingrid toys and the ONLY thing she wants to play with is the game or puzzle Syd is playing with! I wouldn’t mind it if she was easily distracted but she isn’t, she wants what she wants and yells until she gets it — trouble maker!  We have started to incorporate ‘games’ that involve Ingrid’s desire to invade and destroy  So far our favorite is to take all the wooden puzzle pieces from the chunky puzzles and stack them up. Syd and I like to see how tall we can get out tower before Ingrid destroys.  It’s pretty fun (and entertaining for all of us) especially if Syd and I are sitting across the room from each other; Ingrid just goes back and forth over and over again knocking down our towers.

2013-02-09 12.52.55.jpg

Tower destroyer

Lastly, she loves to clap her hands and bang toys together.  She gets quite the look of satisfaction when she can make two objects create a noise.  Super cute indeed.

She has her 9-month well doctor visit later this week. Hopefully she will be well for it and it won’t turn into yet another sick-visit!  I’ll update this post later with growth stats.

Stat update:  We had Ingrid’s 9-month appointment at the doctor’s office on 2/19 and as I suspected with all the illness she only gained 3/4 of a lb since her 6-month visit.  She is now 16 lbs 11 oz (11%).  She did grow 1 inch and is now 28.5 inches long (75%). Her noggin gained 0.5 cm (46 cm; 92%).  Compared to Sydney at 9-months Ingrid is the same length, but is > 1 lb behind what Syd was; hopefully she will catch up soon!

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