7-month photos

Instead of 6-month photos we had Ingrid’s 7-month photos taken. She was slow to sit up so I insisted on waiting until she could as this makes for great pictures.

Similar to Sydney I chose a photographer with a good studio and the appropriate studio lighting to capture this stationary, chubby, happy age.

Because of copyrights I can’t post an image here but if you click here the slideshow ID is  6ae3 and the access code is bul1234.

Unlike my disorganized state with Sydney’s 6-month photos I actually made something for Ingrid’s photo shoot — her elephant top and I knitted her purple hat.   : D

These will only be up for a while so I’ll delete this post when the gallery expires (Feb 21st).



  1. tom bullock says:

    Thanks for sharing Julie. The pictures are very cute. So glad to see that Ingrid is feeling better and such a happy baby. grandpa

  2. Beautiful baby blues, just like her sister!

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