Sweet Ingrid is 8-months old now! Wow!  She is still doing great. Such a happy chatty little thing.

She is eating solids like a pro now. She seems to like most everything but doesn’t care much for pea’s or green beans. I can usually mix them in with other things (squash, applesauce, sweet potatoes) to get those things into her diet.  She has also mastered finger foods like puffs and small bits of banana.  This weekend she even ate a little bit of waffle and some egg too! I’m excited for the next stage of self-feeding; although messier it makes dinnertime logistics a bit easier on me and I can actually enjoy feeding myself instead of stealing bites in between feeding Ingrid.


She still loves loves loves hanging out with her big sister; watches Sydney with deep interest and intent and the biggest smiles come across her face when Sydney smiles at her or gives her hugs.


A tooth has appeared this month as well! She has been working on it for a week or two now and I can feel the tooth with my finger but she doesn’t let us see it since her tongue is out almost all the time. So far she tolerating teething pretty well. If it wasn’t for her tongue constantly sticking out I would not have guessed she even had a tooth that was bothering her!


She hasn’t started crawling yet but she can get around pretty good by twisting and rolling and squirming about. Typically she ends up stuck under a chair but if you pull her out from her entrapment she cries and rolls back so much of the time this is where we keep her. She hasn’t been able to get her belly off the ground so I still think crawling is a month or two away which is a bit slower compared to Sydney who was crawling by 8-months. I’ll happily enjoy the fleeting time of a relatively immobile child though!


Ingrid still has two naps a day and sleeps solidly from 8p-6:30am each night. Her morning nap is the shortest and her afternoon nap is pretty good. We nap together on the weekends and sometimes I’ll open my eyes to see her studying me intently. I wonder what she is thinking? Unlike Sydney she is a thumb-sucker. But she only sucks her thumb if I’m holding her or if she is lying down in her crib or a bed with her doggie.  She won’t do it any other time so it’s definitely something she does when she feels safe and comfortable.  I have to admit it is pretty darn cute too!


  1. tom bullock says:

    That is OK Ingrid, I don’t care for peas either. But green beans are wonderful.


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