When I’m done…

I can’t count the times I’ve said “When I’m done breastfeeding I’ll do/be able to X”.  I think my comment on my friend Katie’s post yesterday made me step back and laugh at myself cause it’s defiantly been a theme this time around.  Then again there are  a lot of things that I’ve set upon completing this milestone, not to mention the ginormous amount of time I’ll get back to myself again.

Just for fun I started thinking of all the things that will change when I’m done:

  • I can run (or do heavy cardio workouts) again.
  • I can wear a normal bra that fits well and is pretty.
  • I can wear a dress.
  • I won’t have to pump.
  • I will not have to think to myself “can I breastfeed/pump?” in this top when getting dressed or buying clothing.
  • I can stop wearing cami’s under all my shirts.
  • I can take a long trip by myself (no pump necessary).
  • I no longer need to be the first person to respond when Ingrid wakes up at 6 AM.
  • My presence will not revolve around Ingrid’s feeding schedule.

That’s a lot of stuff (some I’m not posting because, well, ahem, it is personal)!  No wonder I’m feeling a bit trapped and claustrophobic at the moment. I know I should cherish, and I do, all the close cuddly gushy moments I get with my babe during these times — but holy cow I want my body back, and I’d like to spend some time away from Ingrid. Sweet as she may be, I’m always the one that needs to be with her. I think I’m also antsy since I know this is the last time I’m doing this; I know that when I’m done,  I’m done — for.ev.er. No more maternity clothes, no more pregnancy weight loss and I can burn the nursing bras, throw away the pump and never look back.  Oh how glorious that will be!?  I’m giddy with excitement.

Breastfeeding has definitely been easier this time around with Ingrid than it was with Sydney, but I find myself wanting it to come to a close sooner rather than later.

Only 4 more months left (not that I’m counting)!

(and I’m acutely aware I can stop at anytime but there is also the certain mentality of “I’ve gone this far why quit now?”… so alas we continue until Ingrid decides she is done, or Ingrid turns 1-year and can get milk from the moo-cow instead of the moo-mom).


  1. Haha! The end of breastfeeding is so liberating! Not much longer now though!


  1. […] was very much looking forward to being done, but I’ll have to say my favorite right now it not wearing cami layers all the […]

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