A new dress for Ingrid

I can’t believe it either! I’ve sewed two garments in the past week!  Crazy I say. I guess I was inspired by the simplicity and adorableness the Geranium pattern.


Ingrid was up next. I used some fabric from my stash (Joel Dewberry; Dogwood in Bloom Pond) that had out lived its welcome. This dress does take up more fabric than usual because of the size of the skirt but I think it is well worth it.


This is from the same pattern from Sydney’s dress I posted about here.  There are many options to make this a versatile pattern.


For Ingrid instead of pleating the skirt I gathered it. And why did I never think to increase my thread tension when basting for gathering? Huzzah! It gathers for you as-you-sew! Brilliant! Rae is a genius (or I’m an idiot). I also used the scoop in the bodice instead of the notch. I also omitted the ruffled sleeve and just did the cap-sleeve. This one went together way faster than Sydney’s just because I didn’t have to fuss with sleeves or pleats. I think in total it took me 2 hours (from cutting to finishing). Can’t beat that. Although I never get 2 hours of uninterrupted time so this still took me two days to complete.


I even made the tights! A handmade hand-me-down.  : ) I left the length of the dress pretty long but also kept a decent hem so I can let it out as she grows. I may also change the buttons on this. I used a shank button and now that I think about it those may not be very comfortable to lay on. The next dress I make for her I’ll just use snaps.

I plan to make one more Geranium dress for Sydney – out of princess castle fabric – she is gonna flip.

And then I promise I’ll start using a different pattern.

…. ok…. maybe one more for Ingrid!  ; D

(please excuse the blurry poorly exposed photos, they were taken with iPhone early in the AM with no sunlight — but this way you get pictures of a dress with a baby in them so count your blessings)


  1. Darling dress! I love the cap sleeves. I definitely have to get this pattern soon.

    In many ways I’m a lazy sewist and take as many shortcuts as I can, so that’s always how I do gathers. I wouldn’t make nearly so many gathered skirts and dresses if I had to do gathers the “right” way all the time! (But you’re not an idiot. I first learned to do that from a tutorial on MADE and from Rae’s Peekaboo Bonnet pattern. So much easier!)

    • I think the cap sleeves are my favorite. This pattern is awesome. I’m loving it (incase you can’t tell).

      • I really want to get it, but I’m trying to be good and not buy a pattern (especially a PDF pattern) that I won’t sew for a couple of weeks still. But I just cut pieces for a second Washi dress for myself and I have plenty of fabric left over for a dress for N. Matching Mommy-daughter dresses!!

  2. Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog tonight after searching for “music box jumper and geranium dress” – I see that you’ve sewn both recently. I’m making easter dresses for my nieces and daughters, ranging in age from 1 to 8 years old. I want the dresses to have a dressy vintage/60s feel and am planning to use a tweed or boucle in different colors for each dress. Maybe with matching capes if I get them all done on time. Can you offer any advice or insight which of the two patterns I should choose? They are both lovely and I just can’t decide yet which would be the better fit for my project.

    • What a hard question to answer! I definitely think the MBJumper has a more ‘vintage’ look to it, but the Geranium dress is so so feminine and cute. The MBJ is easier to put together (unless you have a fear of button holes) so if you are making many it *could* be more efficient.

      Because of the bodice linings (and my type A personality) I had to do some hand sewing with both of these dresses. I also think that the MBJumper would work better with the tweed.

      However…the Geranium dress is super cute with a fuller skirt it could be more ‘fun’ for the younger crowd. The MBJ is such a ‘serious’ dress to me. There are some great versions of the Geranium in Rae’s flickr pool that would ‘vintage’ it up again — especially the one with the little buttons down the bodice and the trim on the pockets: http://www.flickr.com/groups/geraniumdress/pool/

      Good luck and let me know what you chose (and some pictures when they are done!)!!

      • angela.knudson@gmail.com says:

        Thanks for your insight! I think I might use both patterns…Geranium for the younger girls and Music Box for the older girls. Hopefully, I’ll have some stellar Easter pics to show off in a few months of my final choices.

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