Sewing update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a sewing update.  After making Halloween costumes I switched gears to making a 3rd birthday dress for Sydney.


I used the Oliver and S music box jumper pattern in size 2T.  Like most O+S patterns it is a thoughtful easy to construct piece.  For people who have a fear of buttons and button holes this would not be the pattern for you…6 button holes for this dress!


The fabric was a nice warm purple flannel (her favorite color!) I picked up while visiting Kansas City at the quilt shop right next to my parents house. If I lived that close to a fabric store…yeeeks…danger! Thankfully I was able to pull up the pattern on my iPhone and buy everything I needed at the store so that when I got home I knew I didn’t have to figure out when/how/where I would go to find buttons, threads and the like!

Next up was a piece for Ingrid for her 6-month photo shoot. I used the Pierrot Tunic pattern from Made-by-Rae with some alterations to make the sleeves and bodice less full.


It turned out OK. I love this fabric (123 Play With Me Elephants by STOF of Denmark) which I also picked up at the quilt shop back home. I went a little too far on taking fullness out of the sleeves so I don’t think this will last Ingrid much longer because it’s kinda hard to get her into it.  I could probably salvage it by making a button placket in the back to create an opening…which I may do to get some more time out of this tunic.

Lastly, for Christmas I got a new cutting table!!  Yay!!!


My previous one was flimsy and wobbly and irritated me each time I used it, so I asked for a new one for Christmas.  I love the new set up, although not as tall as my old table, it is much more sturdy.  I figure I will eventually adjust to the height as it becomes more familiar.  Since I had a new toy and some time on my hands with the holiday I wanted to play so I bought the newly released Geranium Dress pattern from Made-By-Rae.


Since I’m having a love affair with the elephant fabric I decided to use every last scrap of it that I could and I managed to barely squeak out the bodice for this dress for Sydney.


The bottom portion is a simple baby whale corduroy that I had in my stash.  I tossed around using a grey linen, but since it is still winter and we have a few more months of cold weather upon us, corduroy was more logical. She probably will grow out of this by the time summer comes around anyways.  I made a size 2T but used a 3T in length. I hope Sydney likes it!  This is the first dress I’ve done with side seam pockets.  I bet she will look adorable in it.


This pattern has a lot of different options so I’m sure it will be come a quick staple!  I can’t wait to experiment more with it and other things that are on my to-sew list.


  1. So cute!!! I have the Music Box Jumper pattern, but have never even opened it. I might have to break into it for N next year. And I love the Geranium dress. I’ve been lusting over it since it’s release and will undoubtedly end up buying it (so many options … and so cute). But I’m holding off since I know I won’t get around to making it for awhile. We have an unplanned trip to Iowa this weekend, which is requiring me to make N a bunch of fleece leggings and warm dresses, and I’m feeling a big neglected lately — time for some selfish sewing! Who knows, maybe I’ll win a copy when Rae gives one away in her 12 Days of Christmas (yeah right, I’ve never won anything in my life).

    And I LOVE your cutting table! Where did you get it? A cutting table is on my list for 2013, as I’m tired of cutting fabric on the floor. The plan for early 2013 is to completely overhaul my sewing room — I can’t wait!

    • Any time I get to sew is selfish so I’m not particular who I’m sewing for at this point. I hope to make something, just one thing for myself in 2013 that isn’t a scarf…but right now I’m happy with making scarfs. : D

      Royce got me the Martha Stewart table at Home Decorators Collection — the sharkey grey one (for some reason its cheaper??). It’s not a cheap table but it is way better than the hobby table I got a few years ago from Joann. I had to buy for my space, reality of being in an old house in a basement is occasionally it floods so I need to be able to move things around and having it collapsible and with wheels is a must for us. If you can swing something that doesn’t need to move I would create your own with bookshelves on the ends with either a pre-fab top or custom top. I really did prefer the height of my other table which was about 35 inches. I definitely wouldn’t go any lower than the 31.5 inches of my new table.

      The Geranium dress was oh so easy to put together and I can see it being very versatile too. Looking forward to making a few for Ingrid soon!

      • Our plan was to build one out of bookshelves and a big piece of wood. Sounds like we’ll stick with that. First I hav to clean out and organize my fabric. It’s a bit out of control 🙂

  2. Jed Keller says:

    I love that Music Box pinny-gorgeous!
    Can you pop a couple of bricks under the table legs when you are cutting out?
    Bending too far is not good for your back.
    xx Nicole

  3. I love your elephant fabric with the solid bottom. Well done!

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