Christmas 2012

We had a very fun Christmas here at our home. Royce’s mother and sisters flew in from Iowa and Montana on Christmas eve and spent the holiday with us and the kids.

Now that Sydney is a bit older I’m trying to start some new traditions. One I heard of was giving Christmas PJ’s and either a Christmas book or movie to the kids on Christmas Eve. So before Royce went to work on Christmas Eve we opened up our present.
And on Christmas morning Sydney was very excited to see if Santa came. She said she heard Santa and he said “ho ho ho”!  Sydney was a very good girl and so Santa brought her exactly what she asked for — a stroller for her baby Stella!

We played for a while in the morning while Daddy slept before opening up the rest of our presents.


After breakfast we started opening up all the gifts. Ingrid was pretty good at tearing into hers.


Sydney is a present opening pro by now.


I think Ingrid liked her new puppy she got from Sydney. Sydney even helped pick it out!


And Sydney was super excited for her princess castle that she got from Ingrid.


It was a very fun morning indeed. I’m looking forward to many many more joyful Christmas here at home with the kids!


There are a bunch more photos from our Christmas day and the visit with Royce’s family on Flickr.

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