6 months to go

I haven’t posted that much on breastfeeding this time around because we didn’t start off with the struggle that I did with Sydney and it’s kind of old hat at this point. I do plan to go for the full year if she will let me. Even if she self weans, as some kids are prone to do, I still have a lot of milk in the freezer to get her through a year (moo).  The one thing I’ve never had a problem with is production and for that I’m grateful…although I always get a bit nervous when big storms like Sandy hit because losing electricity means so much more when you lose a chest freezer full of milk than a freezer full of meat.

Unlike with Sydney where I felt breastfeeding took up so much of my time, I find myself enjoying the 15 mins (or longer if she falls asleep) I get to just sit with Ingrid. I can catch up on email, Facebook, read or just close my eyes and rest. This can be a welcome reprieve after chasing Sydney around. Thankfully Sydney is pretty good at ‘being quiet’ while I feed Ingrid because there is nothing more distracting than Big Sister.  Ingrid loves to watch her and even if she is hungry she will delay eating to watch the whirling dervish that is Sydney. Ingrid is at the stage though where some feedings I feel like I’m getting beat up by a baby. She slaps my face, puts her fingers in my nose, pulls at my mouth, grabs my ear lobes, fiddles with my clothes, pinches my flesh, rips of my glasses — Oy! it can get exhausting.


mama give me that milk!

One thing I’m really looking forward to is not making bottles, cleaning pump parts, and all the other things that go along with this process. No matter how fast I try, it still takes me a solid 30-mins to get everything cleaned, prepped and ready to go for the next day. There is no doubt about it, breastfeeding can be time-consuming between the 15+min feeds, and the pumping, but I think of it as a great gift of time I get to look forward to getting back in about 6-months! Until then I will get small amounts of time given back to me. As she gets older and her solid intake gets better she will wean from the 6 pm feeding which I remember to be a big deal with Sydney.  It really opened up time to do other things at 6 PM which can be a busy time right before supper.


  1. LOL about feeling like you’re getting beaten up! I know *exactly* what you mean! My little guy is 14 months and still going strong. Thinking we will aim for 18 months (through the winter) and then see if he’s ready to wean. My older two were 14 & 16 months when I weaned them. Neither chose to self-wean, for which I am grateful, but I hope it isn’t a struggle when I’m ready to with Samuel, as he seems more attached than my older two did! You’re totally right about the break you get during breastfeeding!! I don’t just sit still any other time except for when we nurse. I find it very relaxing (except when I’m being beaten up, that is 😉 !)

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