Ingrid turns 6-months old today.  My has time gone by fast! So fast that I failed to write a 5-month update for her.  Life is busy with two, not as insane as I had imagined but I definitely put my sanity first which means blogging has taken a back seat.  I don’t necessarily feel I have less time with two kids (something that kinda made me panic considering I don’t have much time to begin with and everyone was warning me how too kids was SO hard) I’m just more stingy with my time. If the kids are in bed and I want to read — that’s what I do. If I want to sew – I do that.  If I want to stare at a wall, yup, that’s what I do.  No pressure, no commitments, no expectations.  So much easier to live with myself this way. With Syd I always felt pressure to do everything all the time and while maintaining that status quo I had pre-kids. With Ingrid the house is a cluttered mess, I’m sewing less, blogging less, generally doing less.  But happier – go figure.  Work has been insane, so at home I’ve been rather lazy outside of keeping the household running.


happy clean baby

Ingrid has been doing great.  Outside of more babbling, smiling and laughing she really is much the same as she was at 4-months. She isn’t a big rolling back and forth kinda kid. She can get to her tummy from her back and say there for quite sometime, but for some reason it is very rare for her to move from her tummy back to her back.  Not sure why, just isn’t her thing.  I remember Sydney rolling back and forth all over the place.  Ingrid is still pretty stationary (which honestly is kinda nice!).


playing with sister

She loves her bouncy/jumpy play station thing. I can put her in there while I cook supper or breakfast and Syd will even talk/play with her in there too which is nice.  She loves to ‘stand’ when we hold her up.  Not quite adept at sitting, but I think in a few more weeks she will be able to hold up her torso in the ‘tri-pod’ sit.  She is starting to spin around when on her belly by moving her legs.  She hasn’t gotten her legs up and underneath her yet so crawling is still a ways away I think.


‘sitting’ with sister

She loves to be read to. I’ve started reading to her in her bath because it keeps me occupied and she is a captive alert participant — even laughs at my Grover voice.


rockin’ mama’s old school sweater

She is still sleeping great.  We typically put her down at 8 PM and she will sleep until 6-6:30 AM.   Her naps during the day are good too.  When I talk to other moms with kids older than mine who are still waking up 2-3 times a night I am always so grateful I have good sleepers.


sleeping with g’ma

We started solids when she was about 5.5 months and she is starting to get a little bit better with the process. So far I can’t tell if she really likes any of it to be honest. She always get this hilarious frowney face each time I put a spoonful in her mouth (even after the 12th spoonful of the same food).  We have given her avocado, banana, sweet potato, carrot, pears, and butternut squash.  This time around I’m only making some, not all of her food (see paragraph above on lowering my expectations LOL). The funny thing is she seems to like the store-bought things better than the stuff I make.  It could be a texture thing though; no matter how hard I work I can’t get my purees as smooth as what I’ve seen commercially!


why eat solids if you have feet?

Unlike Sydney who got less fussy around 6-months, Ingrid seems to be getting more fussy.  I think she is teething earlier than Sydney did.  I also think the solid foods is giving her tummy some extra pains.  Hopefully in the next few weeks her GI system will have adapted to the new stuff.  The crying/fussy behavior starting at 6 PM is rough though.  The two hours between 6 PM and bedtime can be trying that is for sure!

When she isn’t fussy though she is all smiles and laughs.  This weekend was a beautiful weekend and we spent a lot of it outside in the front yard on a blanket. Ingrid just chatted at herself and played with her toys while I did some knitting.  I’m already so curious what her personality will be like when she is Syd’s age….I just look into those eyes of hers and wonder.


look into my eyes and I’ll tell you amazing things.

We combined Ingrid’s 6-month and Sydney’s 3-year doctor well vists after Thanksgiving which should be good times since they both get shots (what was I thinking?!!); so Ingrid’s growth stats will come later!

Stat update:  We had her 6-month appointment at the doctor’s office on 11/23 and she has gained 2 lbs 3 oz since her 4-month visit weighing in at 15 lbs 16 oz (38%).  She is still in 6-month clothes and is even fitting nicely into some 6-12 month stuff from Sydney.  She grown 2 inches since her 4-month visit (27.5 inches long; 88%). Her noggin gained 1 cm (43.5 cm; 68%).  Compared to Sydney at 6-months Ingrid is 2 inches longer, and > 1 lb heavier! .


  1. Glad she’s doing so well and that you’re finding your balance! Our house is usually a cluttered mess too. And toys everwhere! It feels so wonderful every other Tuesday when the amazing Amaro cleans the house for me 🙂

    What shots does Sydney have to get at 3? Just flu shot?

    • Agree. At least my house is clean thanks to Jackie but I still have to pick up the clutter for her to clean…at least every other week I do.

      Ya flu. And I’m opposed to the mist so my kids will get the shot.

  2. Mostly because its a live vaccine. It puts the child (and others near them) at risk for getting the flu. Considering most chose it b/c they want to spare their child (and themselves) the trauma of a shot I see this as an unnecessary ‘vanity’ dosage form — unless you have an egg allergy and can’t get the shot. I suppose if it gets more kids to get the flu vaccine then it’s worth it for society, but my kids will be sticking with the harsh reality of shots.

    • Yes, I know most people choose it simply to avoid a shot. I actually chose it for J after I listened to an NPR story about a study finding that the mist was 4 times more effective than a shot in preventing flu in young children. N of course got the shot since she’s under 2, and J did also until this year. I hold them down if I have to!

      • Yup. And for every study that says that…there is another that says the shot is more effective. Kinda like eggs and cholesterol. : D

        I would have to scrutinize the study design before I gave my opinion though; so I’ll just stick with the shot. At least she can’t infect Ingrid (or other unsuspecting people) with the flu this way.

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