Potty training :: 2

I hate to jinx myself but we are actually getting somewhere with potty training.  I never really had a plan when it came to this topic.  Sydney is a pretty strong-willed child and I knew she would never do something she didn’t want to do and pleasing us is a poor motivator.  She is motivated by candy, but only to some extent.  Sydney really just needs to please herself to be interested in something.

Last weekend going in the potty seemed to please her so I just went with it.  Prior to this weekend she would pee on the potty occasionally, if she was in the mood. Since mid-September she has been a bit better with it but her interest would wax and wane so I never pushed the topic.  And then there is the poop issue so I figured potty training would come either 1) when Syd wanted it to happen or 2) when she overcame this poop fear.  #1 came first so there you have it!

I do have to thank hurricane Sandy though since it closed day-care and I got two extra days home with her to reinforce the issue.  I do not think habits can be introduced over a 2-day weekend and the school day habits are different from the ones here at home so confusion can set in.  On Tuesday of last week, our second day home from school with Sandy, she wore her big girl underpants all day (except nap time) and kept them dry.  She actually hasn’t had an accident in her under pants (yet).  I’m really good of remembering every hour or so to make her go sit on the potty so that’s maybe why we are successful there.  I did learn that if you ask her if she  needs to go, her likely response will be “no!” (she is 3 after all — it’s her favorite word!) but if I tell her go “Lets go to the potty before we do X”, she happily agrees.

Since our daycare has also involved in the process for a long while as well she is already adept at puling up/down her pants and can get on/off the toilet on her own.  I was a bit stressed out that on Nov 19th day-care expected her to be in underpants at school, but I think we may actually be able to achieve that goal.  I do worry about nap times though — she is such a deep sleeper that it may be a while before she can stay dry during those 2-3 hours.

As for the poop issue it is getting ‘better’.  I’ve figured out her poop schedule and I know with near 100% certainty when she needs to poop based on her actions and behavior.  My hunches are confirmed if she sits on the potty and is vehemently opposed to it the minute she gets there — I know she needs to poop — and we sit and wait until it happens.  I also know the louder she screams “I don’t need to poop!” that the amount of poop that will come out of her will likely clog the toilet.  If only I had such insight to the lottery!  Another bonus is that cleaning up pure liquid poop is insanely easier when it is done in the potty and not in ones pants.  Yippie!  The past few days there has been a lot less crying and the poop-process has been a lot faster so I really hope we are getting some where with this…

So far all weekend she has been successfully wearing her “big girl” underpants (except at nap time) so slowly making progress.  I plan to send her to school in underpants starting Nov 19th, if not before!

So very proud of Sydney for figuring this out on her own!



  1. Way to go Syd! I know some will argue with me, but I firmly believe this is something you can’t force a kid to do until THEY decide they’re ready. Now even though Jake is 100% potty trained on #1 and keeps his pants dry pretty much all the time (and usually even wakes up with a dry Pull-Up), he STILL steadfastly refuses to poop on the potty. I sure hope he decides he’s ready for that soon!


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