Penguin Family


Halloween as usual was hectic but fun.


Sydney was in a rather cantankerous mood the evening of Halloween, but thankfully we had a party to go to the Saturday before where we got good happy Penguin photos.


This year she had the choice between a Penguin and a Ladybug and she chose Penguin!  It was easy to ‘run with it’ for the whole family since I could just make hats for Royce and I.  The costumes turned out great.

It is hard to get decent pictures of Ingrid in much of anything til she can sit up — but she was the cutest baby penguin around.


Big sis was pretty darn cute too.


I got the pattern/idea here and used dresses they had in their closet to draft patterns.  Everything got done but the feet.  I ran out of time!


Now we all have penguin hats to wear when we are feeling exceptionally silly.



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