A quick update

Things have been so busy around here lately and it doesn’t appear things will let down.

I have so many posts I want to make but I think individual ones are out of the question at this point.

We recently returned from a trip home to KC/IA a week ago.  It was a great trip (minus the flight home but I don’t want to think about that again…lets just say it involved a massive poop from Syd on flight and a big mess) we had lots of fun visiting with family and friends.  Royce and I left the kids in KC and drove 5 hours each way to get to Iowa City for a pathetic showing by the Hawkeyes.  Thankfully the friends and tailgate made it a worthwhile trip.


We were in the yellow section…and Grandma had a bunch of yellow fleece therefore a cape was born…


at least the stadium looked cool.

Sadly as usual I was HORRIBLE at taking photos of Sydney and Ingrid with her grandparents and Aunt.


all bundled up to go throw rocks in the lake with G’ma!

This is a reminder to them to either 1) remind me or 2) take initiative to take their own photos. I obviously am too much of a bird brain to ever remember. I did get a few photos of Ingrid with Grandpa though. This was the first time they had seen each other!


meeting Grandpa

Next up. Ingrid started solids. We gave her avocado on Wednesday.  She is learning…it’s a process ya know. Right now she seems more interested to gnaw on the spoon…


senorita avocado version 2.0

Finally, Halloween photos.  We had a ‘hood party to go to yesterday so we all dawned our outfits.  Our happy little penguin family marched into the party with much delight.


Happy Halloween!

Lots more photos from iPhone’s are on the Flickr site.  Hopefully I can get more photos posted soon but we are running up against Hurricane Sandy.  I’m prepping for a long time without power. Some have said this storm may cause more damage than Katrina.  I just hope our house stays intact, no trees topple upon us and flooding stays to a minimum.  I’ve got supplies ready for escape if we need it and my milk has been secured in neighbor’s freezers who have generators.  I think a whole house natural gas generator is our next big purchase once we get through this storm!

Until next time — it may be a long while.


  1. Hope Sandy spares you — good luck!

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