This is me.

There is an article that was written by a mother on Huffington Post — go read it – it’s good.  It got me thinking.  And then our photographer who took Syd’s infant and 1-year photo wrote a lovely blog that spoke to me not only as a mama but as a fellow person who takes pictures of others.

I look at myself in scrutiny for 5-10 mins each morning and then I go through my day without seeing myself in a mirror or a reflection in a window.  I know the least about my own looks.  I can’t possibly see myself as much as others see me.  Bottom-line: I’m not qualified to judge my appearance.

Yet in a picture, I’m my own toughest critic.

Seeing myself in pictures is harder than a mirror because I can’t move to find better light, I can’t stand up straighter to make my outfit look better.   A picture is static, honest, true.  My children, my husband, my coworkers — they look at me every day and none of them probably even notice the things that drive me nuts when I see a picture of myself.

When I first saw this photo the first thing I noticed was that my nose smooches against things when I kiss them.


photo by Linda Crayton

Now why on earth am I focusing on MY NOSE in this photo — look at my kid.  Look at that smile on her face!

But when I see pictures of myself I focus on these stupid things…like my neck, my teeth, my hands, my forearms.


Photo by Epagafoto

And pictures of me laughing? Talk about strange! When is the last time you saw yourself laughing?


photo by Epagafoto

I’ve been fairly good at avoiding (or not posting) pictures outside of things taken professionally.  This is sad for many reasons and this week I decided to stop the insanity. I’ve told Royce to take more photos of me with the kids. They need pictures with Mom in them even if her thick forearms and belly laughs look strange to her.  To them, this is their Mom and a kiss isn’t a kiss unless your nose smooches into something anyways.


photos by me


  1. well said. btw, you are beautiful in pictures and in person. see you soon!

  2. So true. I really need to make more of a concerted effort to get in the picture, too. I’m always the photographer and rarely in the pictures myself.

    This was also the challenge put forth in another photography blog that I randomly started reading awhile back, ( The first week’s challenge in her “Photoberfest” was to take a self portrait — something that sadly I have not done yet.

    You look great in pictures, by the way. You should definitely be in front of the camera more!

    Really need to find my tripod…

    • Yes, part of my problem too is that I’m always the photographer. But I need to be more assertive at shoving the camera in Royce’s hands. And now that these iPhones take such good pictures it is really stupid that I’m not included in more…. I also think ‘men’ don’t see ‘moments’ and think “gee I should capture this’ like most women do.

      And thanks for the vote of confidence! I ditto the sentiments you…you always look so natural in photos. : D

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