tummy time

Ingrid turned 4-months old on September 12th but she didn’t have her 4-month doctor visit til today hence why this post is delayed. We had her 4-month appointment at the doctor’s office today and she has gained  a whopping 3 lbs 2 oz since her 2-month visit weighing in at 13 lbs 12 oz (46%)!  She is already starting to outgrow many of the 6-month clothes which is working in our favor since Syd was a winter baby and her 9-month clothes are mostly long sleeves.  She  has also grown 2.75 inches since her 2-month visit which is a lot, but on par for her percentile (25.5 inches long; 64%). Her noggin gained 2.5 cm (42.5 cm; 83%).  I never remember Syd being this chunky and I have to say I’m pretty proud her current chub-a-lub came all from me and the milk I make.  A few more months of exclusive breastfeeding are in the books before we start solids at 6-months!

Developmentally she started working really hard on rolling over this month. She became quite fond of rolling side to side when we were on vacation and when we returned she successfully rolled over from back to belly on August 26th. By the end of the month though she was getting really proficient at the back-to-belly roll — it’s just getting back to her back that is causing some troubles now as she has seemingly forgotten and instead screams to high heaven if she has been on her belly for too long.  Although to give her credit she can last a very long time on her tummy!


the half-roll over (and a pile of laundry)

Another discovery this month was her feet. I think there was an entire week where she didn’t let go of her fascinating feet! Because of her chubbiness she hasn’t quite gotten the foot to her mouth, but she is a big fan of holding on to both feet with her hands and rolling side to side.


yay! feet!

She is still vocalizing and making lots of noise. Even adding some good chuckles and laughs into her reparatore…and thankfully, not yet, the screeching. Although I know that too will soon come.


sleepy milk face

I feel like she has been battling a runny congested nose for this entire month. She had a week of reprieve when we were on vacation but for the most part she has been a snotty snorty mess. Because of this she has been sleeping horribly! We have gone from waking once a night (to feed) to twice a night and sometimes three times a night because she can’t breathe. Oy! Mama is tired. I really was hoping to work on sleep training her a bit this month get her to drop this once a night feed, but because of her congestion I don’t feel like it’s nice (or productive) of me to start cry-it-out (CYO). Hopefully she will break through this virus soon so we can get some sleep.


she LOVES her big sister

I’m starting to do a fairly decent job at running on 4-6 hour chunks of sleep…just don’t expect me to answer questions quickly. There are days though where I know I’m short with Syd (and co workers…and Royce) because I’m just really *&^%ing tired. I hate that. I want to be back to ‘normal’ whatever that is…going on 6 + months of not getting good sleep is starting to take its toll.


  1. Love those shirts the girls are wearing! Where did you have those made?

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