Why galley designs are bad

We have lived through galley kitchens in apartments and when house hunting I never once considered a house that had a galley kitchen. They are traps; plain and simple.  If one person wants to move another person has to move.  A one-ass kitchen so to speak. I never knew that galley bathrooms could be bad too until we had one.


old configuration

This bathroom never bothered me when it was just Royce and I.  But I’m not certain both of us were ever in the bathroom at the same time.

Enter kids into the equation and bath time was a literal circus of people trying to maneuver in that galley bathroom.  It got so bad when I was pregnant that there were times I wondered if I may get trapped and would have to be extracted via the window. There was something about the door placement, door knob and the counter top height that made wiggling out of the room nearly impossible during my last few months of pregnancy. And as you can see below if person B wanted to get out of the bathroom while person A was standing there…person B either had to ask for person A to exit the bathroom OR person B could walk into the tub, let person A shimmy down towards the toilet and then person B could exit. Fun huh? Try it while holding a wet toddler and a newborn.


old configuration: maneuvering

I knew this room could be better if the lay-out was reconsidered so I brought my friend Megan in who is an architect. She came up with a few designs and after some thought we decided on the one below to be the best (orient yourself by the window and door…those didn’t move but the door does open in a different direction)


new lay-out

As you can see we moved the tub to the back of the room and the vanity along the widest part of the wall available in the room. The toilet also had to move in order to put the tub where it needed to go. The addition of a floating vanity which allows us to kick a step stool under the vanity so we aren’t stepping over it all the time was a huge space saver too. I haven’t quite figured out if we have more or less storage with this configuration but I do know that we can enter and exit on our own accord…no polite asking or tub jumping required.


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