There is a book for everything

This one should come co-packaged with “Why Do Mommy & Daddy Drink So Much?”


while we are on the topic…I need to vent.

If ONE MORE PERSON (usually another mother) tells me “Have you tried prune juice?” (I’m using my annoying naggy wife voice which doesn’t come across in a blog) I’m going to go admit myself to a loony bin.

First and foremost, Syd is FAR from constipated.  It runs out of her when she unclenches her butt cheeks – down her leg, out of her diaper, onto anything and everything.  Anyone think prune juice will help that?

Ya, didn’t think so.

How about pears? peaches? prune puree? vegetables?

same thing – shut it. puh-lease.

This is far from constipation.  Oh and while I’m at it I don’t want to hear your story about how your kid cried ‘that one time’ when they were constipated.

My kid has been screaming bloody murder during each BM (and a few days before) for the past.six.months.

My life, our life, my daughter’s life – revolves around poop.

So ya.  I don’t want to hear your food remedies.  I want you to pat me on the shoulder, maybe laugh with me in that sad pathetic way things can be hysterically funny,

…when they are painfully sad.

I want you to not look at me like I’m crazy when I say; I hate this – I *&*^ing HATE this!

Because I can’t do that in front of Syd.  I have to be positive, smiley, up-beat, calm, loving.

When all I want to do is scream “JUST SHIT!”.

It is mind numbing, draining, to see the tiny thing you love so much trying so hard to hold something in and to see, and hear, the fear in her when she can’t hold it in anymore.

In an attempt to hopefully get somewhere we are headed back to the doctor in a few weeks and are also working with our Parents As Teachers consultant to get some contacts on behavioral therapists, child psychologists and the like…

Stay tuned.  And hold us up to the light,

or pray if that’s your thing,

or just think relaxing poop thoughts for Syd.



Thanks for listening.

…I feel a bit better.

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