3 months ago I had just given birth.  And now I’ve got this amazing healthy baby.
Ingrid is still simple sweet. When she isn’t eating she is smiling, cooing, and absorbing her environment. She loves her big sister — will crane her neck in every which way to get the best view of her. It’s sweet; not to mention easy entertainment since Syd is quite a whirling dervish of movement, sound & stimulation.


We are still working on ‘sleeping through the night’ which I must confess is taking longer than I would like; but my definition is different from most. Sleeping through the night for me is putting Ingrid down at 8 or 9 PM and not being disturbed by her until 6:30 AM (when ideally I would be ready to feed her in the morning after getting myself up and ready). She can go 8-hours, most people’s definition of ‘sleeping through the night’; but 8 hours is 4 or 5 AM which is just this really annoying time for me — too early to get a good nights sleep unless I go to bed stupid early, and too late to be able to successfully go back to sleep. I honestly prefer the nights when she wakes me up at 2 or 3 AM to feed since there is a chance I’ll be able to get back to sleep.

Although Sydney was a baby of routine and  slept through the night easily she still had these rogue nights once a week where she would stay up and scream for hours. At least when Ingrid wakes me she feeds and instantly goes back down…the entire process is maybe 15-mins at best. I’m also quite loving her adaptability since she will sleep anywhere and for the most part, feed at any time.


Developmentally we are working more on neck control with longer tummy times. She does well with it and is getting pretty strong.  She started laughing this month which is cute.  Just little chuckles here and there at herself or sometimes us. She loves her hands and discovered them earlier in the month. She loved them so much she kept pawing at her face and gave herself a nice rash. I’ve also noticed lately she has taken to sucking on her fingers and thumbs. Sometimes she will take a pacifier but isn’t quite the paci addict Syd was at this time.

Ingrid also started daycare this month (and Mama started back at work – boo) and already had her first fever. It was just a mild one, but enough to keep her home on Friday from school. So it begins…the endless cycle of illness. I was just lucky that Grandma was here visiting to help take care of her so we could go about our day! Photos of her 3rd month are up on Flickr. I hope to add some more sometime this week!


  1. Beautiful pics of Ingrid – can’t believe it’s been three months already! xoxo’s from NY!

  2. How precious!

    Sounds like you may have a thumb-sucker on your hands. Thumb-suckers rock (not that I’m biased or anything). Seriously, though, chances are you will never have to “break” a child of thumb-sucking like you do a paci. And that DOES rock!


  1. […] wasn’t until my friend Julie posted about her daughter’s 3-month milestone that I realized I was due for a Lil Sis update!  While this summer disappeared in a haze of 100+ […]

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