Our little volcano


I’m gonna get you!

Ingrid is an erper.

She vomits.


However you want to say it, the post-feed burp can be risky.  This isn’t minor spit up after a burp.  I’m talking full on fountains from a itty bitty being. Sydney wasn’t much for even minor spit-up, so this is all very new to us. I’ve tried to figure out what causes it, but once I think I’ve ‘got-it’ she catches me off guard. It mostly happens in the morning, when I’m full in supply and she is eager to eat. But sometimes it also happens at night. Much like knowing the signs before Charlie pukes I now am proud of my ability in being able to predict Ingrid’s volcano and can act pretty fast to direct it away from myself.

Sometimes, she will have a minor episode and once help has arrived to care for the victim (me) she will attack again with more vigor destroying us all.  Royce likes to call her our little terrorist.

The worse part is after her more prolific episodes where she can return an entire feeding down my back, she always seemingly is hungry and wants more… so we sit and stare at each other for a while trying to gauge the trust…and I almost always give in. How can I not?


  1. All I have to say is ewwww. I was always so glad my kids weren’t spitters. Though I may have just cursed myself if we ever have a #3!

  2. Oh, she’s so cute 🙂 Some of my babies were spitters. Turned out they had reflux. It can make them eat more, too, because they nurse to soothe the pain of the reflux. Or she could just be a big spitter for no good reason!

    • I’ve thought maybe it could be reflux too but she doesn’t seem to scream before or after feedings (she rarely cries to be honest) so I’m not in a hurry to treat it until she seems to be bothered by it. I’m washable. : D And thankfully the occurrences have decreased to 1 or 2 times a week. I just wish knew when it would happen so I could wear crummy clothes!

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