Ingrid turned 8-weeks on Saturday and two months today!  We had our two month appointment at the doctor’s office today and my has Ingrid grown.  1 lbs 13 oz to be exact weighing in at 10 lbs 10 oz (45%)!  She is already starting to outgrow some of her 3-month clothes.  She  has also grown a little over 1 inch and is now 22 3/4 inches long (67 %) and her head is 40 cm (79%).
So far things have been so much easier the second time around. Not sure if it’s because I’m a more patient, practiced mother, or if Ingrid really is this elusive ‘easy baby’ mothers sometimes talk about (but what I assumed was delusional mom-talk to make us with angry-babies feel bad about themselves). I remember always being on pins and needles with Sydney as the littlest things set her off and it always took a while to calm her down (not much has changed no?). Everything was always a delicate balance of timing and efficiency…couldn’t waste a spare second or be kept longer in one place than Sydney could tolerate or everyone would suffer. I also vividly remember Syd being a proud card-carrying member of the ‘witching hour’ group of babies and we got rather used to being serenaded by screaming during dinner.

Not Ingrid.  Ingrid just seems happy wherever you put her. She is just as content to sit on her changing table looking at her shapes as she is in her car-seat at a restaurant. Earlier this week after her morning feed she spent 2-hours either hanging out in her crib with her shapes and foot piano, lying on the floor while I did various exercises, or lying on our bed while I showered. Not a single peep out of her (well except the coo’s and smiles when I chatted to her while exercising on what she has done to poor old-mama’s physique).  She will also sleep practically anywhere.  She has had a few rough evenings where she cried a lot but they are rare and more often than not Syd is still the one screaming at us during dinner time ‘witching hour’. We are only 2-months in so it’s hard to tell if this ‘easiness’ will sustain. Considering so much of our attention has been spent on Sydney these days it’s been nice to have a baby I can feed and then forget about; well at least until she needs to be fed again! Anyways, one less person screaming at Mama is always a good thing so maybe Ingrid somehow knows to wait a bit for my attention.


This month we have been working a lot on sleeping. At 5-weeks she still was not sleeping longer than 4-hours between night feeds so we started a mild form of ‘sleep training’…mostly ‘boob withholding’ to be honest. Basically if she wakes and it hasn’t been the required amount of time needed between feeds she gets a paci until it is time to eat. This method seems to be working and it only takes a few nights for her to get that waking early won’t get her anything.  This month we have had 2 rouge nights where she has slept 8+ hours between night feeds, but most often it’s around 6-7 hours which isn’t bad to be honest and about on par for her age.
We also transitioned Ingrid into the crib in the room with Sydney this month. It’s been going swimmingly.  Sydney is ecstatic and proud to ‘sleep with little sister’ and seems only mildly disturbed at Ingrid’s crying and the night feedings we do in the room.  Sydney usually wakes up during all of this but doesn’t cry or get out of her crib.  I can hear her wiggling around though and the other night she stood up and said ‘Hi’ which was silly.  I’ve made it a habit when I’m done with Ingrid to go over and cover Syd back up and rub her back a bit if she wakes during these night feeds.  So far she has been pretty amicable to going back to sleep which is nice!  If I have to use a paci to prolong a feeding I usually take Ingrid out of the room though as this method, although effective, entails a bit more time and crying than I’m willing to disrupt Sydney with at this time.


As for the developmental milestones, this month Ingrid started making some distinguishable baby sounds and cooing.  This started towards the first of the month and is most noticeable when I talk to her or when she is playing on her play mat.  She loves her black and white shapes and her play mat, and much like her older sister is rather good at ‘kicking her pig’.  Ingrid also does good at tummy time, very little fussing, but she does get lazy and prefers to just lay there with her head down. I have to work a lot to get her to pick it up.

Last but not least on June 19th Sydney finally said Ingrid’s name. Ingrid is a very hard name to say, so it comes out more like Ing-id and she still prefers to call her ‘little sister’ more than anything which is fine by me!


  1. What a sweetie! She looks fantastic! Naomi was WAAAY easier than Jake too, and so far that continues to be the case. She’s definitely more challenging now than she was at 2 months (when she, like Ingrid) just watched her world calmly, rarely crying or fussing over anything, but still far more low-key and go-with-the-flow than Jake was. Hopefully Ingrid will be your “easy” child too!

    Jake also took a while to start saying Naomi’s name (apparently “Naomi” is as hard as “Ingrid”), and for a long time he just called him “Omi.” Now it’s more “Nomi,” but I’m guessing that’s largely because we tend to use a Japanese-esque pronunciation of her name that kind of swallows the “a.” Even now, though, he primarily calls her “Mei-Mei” – i.e. “little sister” 🙂

    Glad she’s doing so well!

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