Sleep (or lack there of)

Syd was a good sleeper.  No doubt about it.  We barely had to sleep train (her poor feeding habits did that for her) and even to this day she will ask (yes, ASK) for her nap on the weekends.  “Mama?  night night?” prefaces many of our weekend lunch hours and it can be hard to tell her to eat first and then she can go to sleep.  We did have to institute some cry-it-out a bit during the first year, but for the most part she just slept.

Ingrid is proving to be a bit more difficult. At 5-weeks in she is already one pound and a handful of ounces heavier than Syd was at this point, but so far she hasn’t been able to sleep longer than 4.5 hours.  I was noticing that when she woke at 4 or 4.5 hours her feed was really poor and she usually fell asleep within 4 mins. Figuring maybe she didn’t *need* the feed I instituted a “no feeding unless it’s been more than 5 hours since your last feed” rule this week. So far it has gone pretty good. She wakes at 4-4.5 hours from her 9 PM feed, we give her a paci, she falls back asleep for an hour or so, then wakes again…and as long as it’s been 5 hours…I feed her.  And this feed goes much better…no more falling asleep 4-mins in.

Trick is how do we keep her from waking at that 4 hour time point?  It’s like clock work…every night.  I keep telling myself she is still rather young, but I also see how much bigger she is than her Sister who was sleeping 6+ hours between feeds at this point (no pacifier interventions needed).  Also unlike her sister she really resists the swaddle.  I’ve tried making it super tight, super lose, and leaving her arms out all together.  If I trap her arms in she wakes grunting trying to free them. But I feel like when I leave her arms out, they can wake her because of the moro reflex which is still present at times, not to mention her little arms and hands get cold!

Maybe there is a ghost that tickles her nose every night at 1:30 AM.  If so, I wish he would go away!


  1. I feel for you, I really do. Both of my kids woke up at 4-hour intervals at 5 weeks. In fact, it may have been about that time that we got a Woombie for Naomi and bought ourselves a few more hours of sleep (because she was waking every 2 hours and I was about to go nuts!) I have no solution other than time, though. We didn’t do much in the way of “sleep training” at that age since our doctor didn’t recommend doing much of that until 2-3 months old. Neither of mine slept in 6-hour chunks until they were at least 8-10 weeks old. I think every kid is just different. But, even though it took them longer than Sydney to sleep in those longer chunks, they’re both great sleepers now! (other than Jake giving up his nap at 2.5 — sad, sad day).

    • No kidding. I was kinda hoping that if Syd the lightweight poor eater could go 6-hours by 5-weeks that my end of sleep deprivation was drawing near. Doesn’t seem to be the case. Our pediatricians don’t recommend cry-it-out or other sleep training methods this young either so it looks like we are stuck getting up to put a paci in until she can somehow break this 4 hour habit. Although I’ll take 4-hours over 2-hours any day!

      Did I mention my head really hurts? LOL

      • Some days I feel like I’ve had a headache for the last year. And then other days I feel great! But I know that I’ve been at some degree of sleep deprivation ever since Naomi was born even though she’s a great sleeper and napper. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done!

        Hope Hank leaves you soon though — he’s kind of a jerk.

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