Sydney’s first haircut

A while back Sydney had her first haircut (May 21, 2012 to be exact).  Up until then I had been trimming it myself but she finally was at the point where she had enough hair to warrant a real trim and some shaping which was more than my pharmacist education could tackle.


Picking out a toy

From a recommendation from some Mom’s in my neighborhood we went to a neighborhood lady who runs a salon out of her home.  She used to work for Cartoon Cuts so she was very patient with Sydney and did a great job on her hair too!


Sesame Street always makes things easier.

No fits, no screaming just a nice relaxed haircut.  (Please excuse the cookie mouth on my daughter…Royce had just picked her up from daycare an a cookie was her bribe for getting her hair cut.)  We just had it cut to a simple bob which will grow out nicely.


Getting Daddy with the “skeezer”.

Her hair still drives me nuts because she won’t leave in the pony tails or barrettes when we pull it back out of her face.  As a kid who grew up with bangs, I’m quite anti-bang…not only do they require frequent trimming but at a certain point they get really hard to grow out.  I figure she will eventually learn that having hair in her eyes is annoying and keep in her barrettes.  However, it is almost to the point where she can tuck it behind her ears so I’m hopeful the hair-in-eyes stage will be over shortly.


Big girl!


  1. So cute! Yes, my daughter also refused hair things for a long time, and her hair was in her eyes all the time. Still is, come to think of it.

  2. I’m sure her new ‘do is very cute! We take Jake to a similar kind of place — just a small neighborhood barber shop/salon and he *loves* his hairstylist. I think we’ve followed her to 3 or 4 different small salons now. Jake now looks forward to getting his hair cut — probably because his stylist is really pretty and she always has fruit snacks for him!

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