Ingrid turned 4-weeks old on Saturday, and 1-month old today.  My has she grown!  At her 1-month doctors appointment today she was up a pound from her 10-day visit and was 8 lbs 13 oz (approx 50%).  She has almost outgrown a lot of her newborn clothes mostly because of length at this point (21.5 inches; 75%).  I’ll be sad to see some of those newborn clothes being worn for the very last time (sniff sniff).

Things have been hectic but good here. During the day things are pretty calm.  Ingrid and I have a decent routine down and occasionally Royce is here to help out as well during the day. Although after all the visitors it has been nice to have a few calm days alone with just me and Ingrid.  However, I’ve come to find though that there can never be enough help on the weekends.  Syd’s presence really can add to the chaos!


Playing with Ingrid

Ingrid is starting to sleep longer between one of her night feedings and I’m hopeful we will get a 6 hour window between the 9 pm and her next feeding soon. My sleep deprived self would enjoy this immensely as I feel like I’ve had a dull low-lying headache for 4-weeks now. Once Ingrid can sleep 6 hours at a stretch we may transition her into the room with Sydney.


Sydney showing off all her artwork from school.

Sydney is still being quite difficult of an evening. To give her credit she has moved to a new room at her day-care which on top of being a big sister is I’m sure a tragic occurrence to her toddler mind. Our evenings are filled with constant “NO!” and “I’ll do it!” (then of course she won’t do it, but if you do it for her the world ends). The battles are endless really and I feel like most of her evening is spent in time out. I keep telling myself this is a temporary madness. But between the poop issues (yes, we are still having fits over poop and yes, I know potty training is going to be a super fantastic experience because of this) and her “I don’t know what I want stage so I’m going to scream” she really hasn’t give us much of a break for the past 3 months. Mama is ready for a break. Of course when Sydney wants to be she is nothing but sweet as sugar. I just wish I knew how to maintain that mood in her for more than a few hours.

My friend and talented photographer Crystal also came out during this time to take some photos of Ingrid and our new lives as a family of four. She has more posts coming, but until then feel free to take a gander at her first post. The images are beautiful!


  1. I feel for you — those first few months with two can be really rough. At least they were for us (though a small, selfish part of me is glad to know that it’s not all roses and butterflies for *everyone* else when baby #2 is born). Juggling both was so hard when Naomi was that age. I don’t know if I could have handled it if Albert’s schedule last year was like his schedule this spring/summer — It’s been just me and the kids for about the last 5-6 weekends straight.

    Jake has gotten much easier in the last couple of months now that he is actually ABLE to do by himself all (or most) of the things that he wants to do by himself, and since his language is developing so rapidly and he is so much more able to tell us what he wants or is feeling.

    And of course the sleep deprivation doesn’t help 🙂

    But glad to hear Ingrid is doing and growing well! And Sydney I’m sure will come along eventually.

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