Day 10: Back to birth weight!

We had our first pediatrician appointment today for Ingrid. We are very lucky that the practice we go to have a Nurse Practitioner that is also a lactation consultant. This way I can get breastfeeding help on my health insurance plans dime.

However, with Miss Ingrid, other than some random questions about feeding every hour, pumping and engorgement we didn’t have much to consult with on breastfeeding because she is already back at her birth weight!

After Sydney’s breastfeeding debacle you have no idea how ecstatic this made us. Sydney didn’t regain her birth weight until around 3-weeks.

Everything is infinitely easier when your infant feeds well…Mama’s happier because she gets more chances to rest or go for walks, and baby is more content and sleeps better. It’s amazing how different things are this time around just because she feeds well. It’s also nice to have a spring baby. The day’s are longer, the weather is better…this all combines to make a much cheerier experience.

So far the only one thing that’s set back because of Ingrid’s stellar feeding skills is my milk stock for when I return to work. Because I had to pump before and after each feed with Sydney I had a stupid amount of milk in the freezer (so much that we had to buy another freezer!) when I returned 12-weeks later. This really took the pressure off me to pump as much as Syd needed at ‘the moment’ when I returned to work. Even with this concern the lactation consultant told us to just enjoy this time with the baby and to worry about pumping at 4-weeks…and I’m going to do just that!


  1. Great to hear! Maybe that’s part of why I had a hard time keeping up supply when I wet back to work — both my kids were stellar eaters! But like the lactation consultant said — certainly nothing to worry about now!!

    And I agree with you on the spring babies (not that I know any different). I’m a big fan of spring babies — much better to be off at the nicest time of the year!

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