Day 7: One week old

Today Ingrid is one week old.


Strange to think that a week ago I was in labor and this week we ventured to Wheaton Regional Park to ride the carousel and train as a family of four. We even ran into one of Sydney’s old daycare classmates who moved to a new daycare. Like most reactions I’ve been getting when I’m out and about the father exclaimed “A week old! and you are out and about?!”. I guess postpartum I should be laid up for what…two weeks? Granted I haven’t done much else today other than nap and feed so my one excursion to a park doesn’t seem all that of an accomplishment.


So far Ingrid is a pro at:

  • feeding – she latches, she is wonderful.  Breastfeeding is finally not for the birds.
  • pooping and peeing – multiple times a day.  Beans are not her friend; I’ll try to avoid them for a while.
  • hiccups – she gets them more often than not before and after a feed and they seem to last f.o.r.e.v.e.r.
  • sleeping – she has been sleeping between feeds at night for 4 hours, and during the day about 2 hours.  So far (knock on wood) she hasn’t had her nights/days confused like Syd did who seemed to want to party all night (ahem scream) and sleep all day.


Today also marks our last day with Auntie-M.  She has been here for 2-weeks helping us out with Sydney and Ingrid and other things around the house.  It’s been amazing having her here and I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do without her.  Thankfully our summer nanny helper starts on Thursday and my friend Christine is visiting from London on Tuesday so Royce and I really only need to make it through a few days alone.  And um ya, wow…that statement make me seem pathetic, but this stuff isn’t easy when Mama’s laid up breastfeeding an infant for hours during the day and night hours!


Lots more photos of our first week are up on Flickr.


  1. We had Naomi out and about when she was 3 days old. Just couldn’t have Jake cooped up for days on end — we’d all go nuts! I think it’s just different with #2.

    • We were out for walks with Syd though by day 3 too…I just can’t stand being cooped up in this house! Have to get out at least once a day! It also helps that neither of us were in the hospital for long with #2. ; D

      • I know we didn’t have Jake out that early. But we didn’t leave the hospital with him until the morning of Day 5 and I was in so much pain from the C-section that I couldn’t move normally for weeks. With Naomi it was MUCH better!

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