Days 5-6: perfecting feeding

We are definitely getting into routine here which is nice. We have feeding down pretty well minus a few feeds on Day 5 where she somehow forgot how to suck. Thankfully that was short-lived and everything is back to normal.


Our typical day has started off with a casual walk around the neighborhood. It helps that Royce can push the stroller so I don’t have to have that added weight to push. Nothing strenuous just nice leisurely strolls which feel good after all the sitting I do. After lunch I usually can get in a 2 hour nap but sometimes I’ll take a bath and nap later in the afternoon. Our days get more hectic when Sydney returns from daycare but the meal delivery from our neighbors every other night has helped immensely. On our off nights we stick to simple things with little preparation.

On Day 5 we took our first family walk before dinner. It took us 30 mins to get everyone rallied and out the door. Ingrid pooped and puked before we even left the porch and Sydney peed and insisted on being changed. Then once we finally made it out we didn’t get to the end of our own block until 30-mins later because two friends drove by and one neighbor came out to see the new addition.


On Day 6 we gave Ingrid her first bath here at home. This was done more to wake her up for a feeding rather than the real ‘need’ for a bath. She took it fairly well actually. For a newborn she has an extremely loud and piercing cry and it isn’t fun to listen to for very long. However that must be her “I’m hungry feed me!!” cry because she wasn’t all that vocal during the bath which most babies wail through.


All and all things are going quite well. Almost one week down!

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