39-weeks: A reflection


I’m 39-weeks this week. The last time, hopefully, if we are blessed, I’ll ever say that statement. Overall it’s been a good week. I’m surprisingly not as exhausted as I remember being with Sydney at this point but I’m probably a bit more nervous since I know what’s coming. I’m not so uncomfortable that I can’t “wait to be done” yet I’m not so comfortable that I would like to go another week either…

Pregnancy is weird. It is life changing, body changing, mind changing. It is a long, yet fleeting 9 months…40 weeks. It starts with such excitement combined with a little unease, and for me this time around sickness.  In the middle things slow down and energy picks up. And by the end you just wait as your big belly starts to get uncomfortable, exhausting, painful.

And then there is birth.

All that is left now for me, is birth.

Sydney’s birth was fast, frantic…terrifying honestly. This time I can only hope I’ve prepared. I’ve read a bit more on natural child-birth, I’ve religiously paid attention in yoga, I’ve spent a little time each night for the past month or so mentally going through labor in my mind, and this time I’ve got a doula. I know my body is capable of doing what it needs to do without pain medications, as I did it before and lived to tell the tale (as have so many other women). I hope to do the same again.


I was 4 cm this AM at the doctor’s office, and according to him I could really go ‘any time now’. So… I’m home now, resting, reflecting.

These next few days (hours?) will be the last time I’ll have a baby inside me; feeling it move, kick, hiccup. It is so strange to think how very few things in life are infinite. I’ll cherish the finite moments before the next chapter begins.



  1. Wow!! Your newest member might be here by now – wishing you all the best for a good delivery. At 39 weeks you look fantastic – and quite trim!

    I was fortunate to have a very quick second delivery. The second child has seriously been pure joy, an absolutely delightful baby… I also wish this for you!

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