Cherry Blossoms and The National Arboretum

I’ve been lagging in blogging and uploading photos lately.  We have had two in-town adventures in the past couple of months.

First up we went to see the very premature cherry blossom blooms around the end of March.


The day we went was actually the first day of the Cherry Blossom Festival but the blooms had peaked the weekend prior so there was little color but lots of snowing petals!


It was also a cloudy day post rain which was fine by us and Sydney. Any chance she can get to wear her frog boots and splash in puddles is a fine day by her!


As expected feeding the duckies her pretzels was a huge hit too.
Last weekend we ventured for the first time to the National Arboretum.  Again I think we were about a few weeks late to really enjoy the blossoms of the tulips and azaleas or we just didn’t see many pretty flowers.


Syd seemed to enjoy the Koi pond and just general running around.


It wasn’t quite as what I expected… extremely spread out…but it was still a nice outing on a beautiful day.  I did a bit too much walking though for this 38-week pregnant lady which led to me not feeling so well the rest of the day.


Although from the look of myself in some of these pictures I should be walking more! Bleh can’t wait to not be pregnant anymore.  More photos as usual are on our Flickr page.


  1. Yeah, pregnancy sucks. Nice jeans though 🙂

  2. oh how beautiful……….i would love to go to a cherry blossom festival and surround myself with its beauty

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