Big Sister Gifts

In addition to all the nursery sewing (pictures coming soon I promise…waiting for a few last-minute wall hangings to be framed) I’ve been consumed with, I had a list of things I wanted to make for Sydney for becoming a Big Sister.  Many of her gifts have to do with taking care of her Baby since I’ll be taking care of mine.  Imitation is a toddlers favorite activity after all.

First up was a doll sized swaddle sack for her Baby.


I got this idea from a friend in Pinterest.  Basically it’s a scaled down version of a real baby swaddle sack.  The fabric is a cotton that coordinates with the rest of the girls’ room bedding from Rashida Coleman-Hale Washi Collection (Stars in Fuchsia) and the inner lining is a random pink polka dot flannel.


I printed the pattern pieces at 60% of original to get this sized for Sydney’s baby Stella doll and since baby Stella is a bit wide I set the pattern back 1 inch from the fold before cutting.  My guesstimates worked out perfectly… it’s a bit long in the legs but plenty wide to fit Baby!

I also  made a doll carrier for her Baby in anticipation of her wanting to mimic me and my sling I’ll use for little sister.  This I made from the Bear Carrier pattern from Oliver + S Little Things to Sew.  Without a kid to put it on though it just looks like a bunch of hap hazard straps and buttons, so you will have to wait until I can put it on Sydney for a picture.  If you can’t wait, imagine Sydney in any of these photos.

Lastly was another project from Little Things to Sew, a backpack! To put all her presents in of course!  Sydney got a little backpack that goes with her Baby Stella doll for Christmas and she loves it.  Currently it houses all of Baby Stella’s paraphernalia (clothes, pacifier, bottle, spoon, food…) but it’s quite small to really function as much more.


I thought this project would take me way longer than it did but honestly one day of tracing and cutting and another of sewing was all it took.  It went together really easily for what looks like a complicated bag.  The fabric is a cotton canvas by Kokka (Trefle Oxford Frogs in Cream) and I lined it with a yellow quilting cotton to give it some pop.


I had a terrible time trying to find the 1.5 inch metal strap adjusters so I ended up taking them from some medical conference throw-away bags that were cluttering our hall closet.  From now on when I throw away a bag or purse I will be confiscating all the metal or plastic hardware from them before tossing!


I’m also in the process of making an alphabet, number and color matching game for her…hopefully I’ll get it done sometime today!


  1. What great big sister gifts! I love how your swaddler came out, and the Oliver + S carrier will be a big hit I bet. Love that fabric you used on the backpack, too!

  2. This is so cute! I really hope I can find the metal strap adjusters! I didn’t think they would be hard to find, but I might have to go thrifting if they aren’t easy to come by! I’m doing this pattern this week for a friend!

    • I hope you find some! The DC area isn’t known for a plethora of sewing stores so hopefully you have better luck!

  3. So impressed with your sewing skills!

  4. i envy you, because i hate to sew but wish i did love it

  5. Love them both – I’m so impressed that you make the time to do this. When I was this far along I made time to sleep!

    • Oh I make time for that too. : ) Well what sleep I can get in between peeing ever 2 hours now at this point. Most of this gets done AFTER nap time and on the weekends when Royce is around to watch Sydney. I can also find time to fiddle with things a bit when I work from home. I hope all is going well with you and your second!

  6. Love the backpack. I now am eyeing some Echino helicopter fabric to make one for Jake for preschool next year 🙂

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