My Poop!

For the past few weeks we have heard this phrase coupled with “My Fart!” about a gazillion times.  There is no doubt our little monster is constipated and probably extremely uncomfortable…but the insistent whining all.night.long about poop and farts is starting to wear.  I know she doesn’t sit at daycare and lament all day long to them as we get back reports of AM:  Cheery!, PM: Chatty! with simley faces.  But the minute she walks into this house…whining…poop…farts…screaming.

We took her to the pediatrician last week who put us on a regimen of daily Miralax for 2 months to help ‘clear things out’.  Thing is daily Miralax doesn’t work…so we have upped the dosage…and included glycerin suppositories at night for days she hasn’t pooped.  Her last BM was Friday night.  Since then she has had numerous doses of Miralax and tonight was her second glycerin suppository after last nights failed to produce.  Keep your fingers crossed that there is a prize in her diaper in the AM.

Part of me wonders if part of it is some sort of potty training rebellion or little sister regression that’s surmounting early.  Royce pretty much carried her around what seemed like all weekend long (something I can’t do) and the only BM’s she has had the past few days have been patiently coaxed out by him using a soft “you can do it tone” while holding her (something I don’t have the patience for mostly because I know the minute this baby arrives I’ll have about zilch time to give that much attention to each of Syd’s BM urges).

Today at school when I peeked through the door she was dancing, smiling having fun.  When she saw me she got sad, mopey and despondent, and the second she stepped foot into the house she started whining about poop and farts. Tonight I chose to not give attention to the whining, but not telling her to stop either, and I just went about my evening.  I was able to distract her into about 15 mins of whine-free play with blocks, but when I turned my back to tend to dinner — the whining began again.  And the minute Royce got home today she insisted on his attention, sat in her dinner chair for maybe 5 mins before squirming…moaning about poop and ending up in Daddy’s lap for the remainder of the meal and his arms after we were done.

I hate to be callous and mean, I’m sure it hurts…but she needs to figure out how to do this on her own right?

Anyone have any advice on a poop adverse 2- year old?

PS: The doctor told us to give up on trying to force her to eat high fiber things so please spare that as advice.  He said it’s a battle not worth surmounting with a toddler and I agree with him.  She will eat purred prunes, and will take the occasional ‘squisher’ (these baby food veggie/fruit packets).  I’ve started giving mangoes (high in fiber) with her breakfast and we have cut all dairy from her at home diet too.  Outside of her random binges on beans which are few and far between there is little much we can alter with this tyrants diet to make the situation change anytime soon.


  1. has she been medically checked to make sure all is well in the intestinal walls? no blockages? when my babies were young, i use to tote the potty chair with me. what ever room i was in, potty chair was in. lol, we would sit together watching tv, and after she forgot where she was sitting and also the situation of what we were trying to produce, they relaxed and poop was born!!!!!

    • She seems very averse to trying on the potty so I’m not sure this will work for us at this point yet but I’ll definitely take it into consideration once we actually have some sort of success just going…anywhere at this point…the kitchen floor, the tub, a diaper…better yet if she could time this while she is at day-care that would be fantastic!

  2. Ha! Trying to force a toddler to eat anything is an exercise in futility! Hence the reason my toddler hasn’t eaten anything green since he was about 18 months old. Jake has started getting constipated a lot more lately too. It never occurred to me that it might be related to potty training but that is totally possible. He’s definitely showing more signs of readiness. This weekend he was backed up and I managed to get him to drink a couple of those TJ’S apple juice boxes which finally got him going. And I make TJ’s multigrain pancakes every.single.morning so there is some fiber there. I assume you’re already cutting out bananas and whole apples and applesauce (ie the forms of apple that contain pectin) but if not you probably should. Our doc told us not to use the suppositories unless absolutely necessary as they can become habit-forming (so weird to think about). And the “P juices” work well for us — prune, pear, pineapple and peach. All good for getting’ it moving! Sorry I have no magic bullet for you (pardon the pun). Good luck!

    • All laxatives can become habit forming — I’m terrified of them from what I learned in pharmacy school. It’s against everything I believe in to give her QD Miralax for 2 months but alas…the Dr. told us to do it so we shall. She won’t drink Prune juice (honestly neither will I that stuff tastes awful). Haven’t tried the others. We are mixing the MIralax with Grape Juice b/c it’s so flipping sweet she guzzles it. Not really apple season so no apples…same with apple sauce. Haven’t given banana’s in weeks either.

      Pretty sure we’ve covered all dietary advice! If I could have solved her problem with diet and fluids I wouldn’t have gone to the Dr. to be honest…

      I’m thinking the magic bullet is for her to figure out how to push…hard. LOL

      • Maybe try the P juices then. Amazingly they really work and taste way better than prune juice. Pear is Jake’s favorite. That was a tip from my mom when he was really backed up once last year. I never underestimate the wisdom of a seasoned mom! But you’re right — she needs to learn to push!

  3. omg. been there. STILL there. sorry, this is not what you want to hear.

    My oldest daughter at 2yr 3mo. started withholding poop when her sister was born. She is now 7 and it’s still a battle to get her to go potty. We did the miralax, the highfiber diet (try fruit smoothies — works wonders!), the don’t force it, the scheduled approach… everything. It’s emotionally nerve-wracking and I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve sat in a corner and cried.

    So, now I know the signs of when she really needs to go and is holding in her poop. I just tell her to grab a book and go sit on the potty.

    Good luck — I feel your pain.

    • Awesome! At least you can tell her to do something about it now. Outside of occasionally performing manual disimpaction we are kind of at a loss for finding ways to get her to ‘go’. I figured soon she will learn that she prefers to go on her own versus having one of us stick our fingers up there to pull it out.

      If it wasn’t for the insistent whinging/crying it wouldn’t really bother me much but there is only so much you can take before you want to scream JUST POOP DAMMIT! LOL


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