Remember this dress?


I made it for Syd’s one year photo shoot.

Sydney (38 of 107)

Photo by Linda Crayton

Here she is wearing it again at about 18-months (I had let the hem out a bit).

And here it is again at 28 months!

Talk about return on time and investment! She still loves this thing…I think it’s the bright colored birds. The jumper styling is forgiving as well (and season-less really when you can layer) and since kids from 1-2 typically grow up not out, it still fits well at the shoulders.   Something to keep in mind when deciding what to do with that expensive (or super cute) fabric that you want to get some time out of — stick with a jumper, make it long and watch it turn into a top as time progresses!  And I’m sure little sister will enjoy wearing this someday as well.


  1. So true! Naomi still wears newborn size dresses as tops with leggings or pants. I’m glad to get some use out of them since I never put her in dresses as a newborn or small baby (unless they were comfy knit, which most aren’t). I don’t know why so many people insist on giving newborn dresses as gifts.

    That’s such a cute dress. It’s actually made me think of getting that pattern, but then I remind myself how ridiculously many girl dress patterns I have!

    • I completely agree on the newborn dress thing. It’s like trying to put a bowtie on an amoeba. I didn’t find dresses fun/practical/pretty until she could sit up and even better — when she could walk.

      I actually drafted the pattern myself for this dress from a Carters dress she had that fit her well. So you can still make it without acquiring a new pattern. : D

      • Ah, that’s right, I remember now after re-reading the post 🙂 I’ve been meaning to pattern some of the Carter’s dresses I have. They really do have great style! Just haven’t gotten around to it.

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