I knew it

After my last cold I had in February I knew it was too much to ask to remain illness-free for the remainder of my pregnancy.

This week it is an asthma flare. Because not being able to breathe and peeing on yourself when you have a coughing fit is just about awesome right about now.  I didn’t think sleeping could get worse…until it did.  And work this week has been epic-shitty.  And Royce is working evenings again.

I also can’t help but think that if I was working for the company with whom I did my fellowship…tomorrow would be my last day at work since Monday is 4-weeks from my due date and they consider the last month of pregnancy part of maternity leave.

And I would get paid leave for 6+ months without exhausting my vacation or sick days.

And I probably wouldn’t have had to go to work sick yesterday and today (and tomorrow unless I miraculously pull through this tonight) since I could actually use my sick days for being sick…not hording them for having a baby.

Ah well. Life isn’t fair.  I get that.  Other people and friends around me have it far worse.  I’m thankful for the misery I have to whine about cause in the entire scheme of things it is misery-lite.

Still doesn’t mean it isn’t therapeutic to vent every once in a while.

However, 90% of what I’m frustrated with right now in life isn’t blog-able so I guess I’ll go write the old-fashioned way instead.


  1. Oh no, that’s the worst to be sick when you’re pregnant. Feel better soon (in all ways)!

  2. Man you just can’t catch a break lately! Hope you get over this one soon. And then maybe you should just lock yourself away in a clean room for the next 4 weeks.

    I had an awful cough a couple of months ago and spent a week peeing myself all day long. I think I changed my underwear 3-4 times a day that week. Sorry if that’s TMI. Nasty coughs after having had a baby suck.

    And hope your other troubles and frustrations work out. I’m guessing if it’s not blog-able, it’s more than normal frustrations. Good luck!

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