Easter weekend

We had a very lazy ‘Easter’ weekend where in our true fashion we did nothing to recognize the religious but did plenty to celebrate the non-religious.


Syd woke up that AM to a mess of jelly beans left by the ‘messy bunny’ as she liked to refer to him, and a basket full of treats and trinkets courtesy of us, Grandma Bullock and Auntie-M.


She had fun going through it all but focused straight on the candy and the paper grass in the basket which she promptly scattered all over the living room and kitchen.


It was a lazy day followed by an early Easter dinner and egg hunt hosted by my friend Ashley.  This year Syd ‘got’ the egg hunting thing and had a good time looking for eggs and then going through her loot.


I made the blouse you see her wearing for the egg hunt.  I didn’t have enough of the main fabric (October Afternoon, Fly a Kite in Teal by Riley Blake) so I did a blouse from the Ice Cream Dress pattern instead of the dress.  It turned out OK, but I prefer the look of the dress I made her from this pattern over the blouse.  It went together easily enough though, didn’t take me any time at all to whip up.


I was able to get quite a bit of sewing done this weekend even though Royce worked the afternoon shifts so I almost feel ‘ready’ for baby.  Actually outside of a couple of softies for baby’s crib I’m completely done with the girls’ room sewing…including the glider cover which was much easier to sew than I had imagined.  Next up is getting some pictures on the wall!

I have about 5-weeks left and it’s starting to feel like it too.  I’m more tired thanks to multiple night waking to pee and pain in my hips from lying on my side.  Although I’m still smaller and weigh less than I did at this point with Sydney I’m still feeling just as uncomfortable.  You can tell my physical limitations by the perspective of the recently posted photos!  Mama can’t get down to Syd’s level easily anymore so sadly everything was shot from my standing viewpoint.  I’m also having quite a bit of Braxton Hicks contractions which I don’t remember having with Sydney…maybe I just didn’t know what to expect though given that was my first pregnancy.  They don’t stop with rest or sitting but they did ease last night with a glass of wine…go figure.


  1. I had tons of Braxton Hicks contractions with Naomi starting at about 20 weeks if not before. WAY more than I had with Jake. Sometimes I’d feel like my belly was contracted pretty much all day long. That’s why I had to stop most strenuous exercise around this point in that pregnancy — it just made the BH contractions worse and I really WAS contracting the whole time I was exercising. My doctor said that’s completely normal and expected with a second pregnancy. It’s probably not just that you didn’t know what they were with Sydney, I’d bet anything you actually are having a lot more.

    Other than first trimester morning sickness, I’ve always found the last 5 weeks to be the most unpleasant of an already unpleasant 9 months. I’d say hang in there you only have 5 weeks left, but of course these will not feel like *only* 5 weeks! They always felt like 5 months to me!

    I like the top. I’ve wondered how that one comes together. What did you use for the contrast fabric?

    Glad you guys had a nice, lazy Easter!

    • Whew good to know! I swore last night I was going to have this baby after an entire day of back to back BH combined with really uncomfortable cervical twinges. All I could think of is “please baby don’t come til May 6th when Auntie-M gets here and can help take care of Syd!”.

      At least this time I know that all these annoyances will go away as soon as the baby comes out…amazing how good a short 4-hour sleep between night feeds feels after getting up 3-4 times a night to pee when pregnant.

      The top is quicker than the dress but you don’t have two pockets and a hem to put on. As for the contrasting fabric of the top is was some Michael Miller print out of my stash. No idea which line or collection. I think I bought it when I was back in Manchester Iowa over a year ago!

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